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Just Don't Stop

It has been a crazy first part of the year for me, being involved in several projects can become a bit too much at times. However I have to remember this is what I wanted after my main projects were falling short.. Lyrical Groove is a hustler, gigs don't stop, and ideas don't quit.... Soul Ablaze is a hustler, gigs don't stop, material keeps coming, great opportunities to play in front of these different crowds. Church material doesn't get any easier, playing in a gospel church means tough, improvised changes that are call and response..

The freelance game has been good, however I must learn to say NO, if I don't feel I am up for the challenge... Anyways, thanks for reading this, sometimes you just need to vent some frustrations!


Back in Business

Hello to you all that have stumbled across this page. A little bit of what I have been up to..

The Regular Gigs

1. Science Fiction Jazz- Fusion Funk Jazz Jam, these are my best homies. We bring the house down wherever we are with gripping solos, awesome harmony, and remixes of covers you may or may not know, I highly suggest you give it a whirl! (www.sciencefictionjazz.com)

2.Aaron Durr- Playing some power pop piano style with LA based Aaron Durr. This cat has some pipes, and is one of the best improvisers in the business on keys and with vocal abilities..Another gig you must check out for a great time out on the town.. (www.aarondurr.com)

3.Extreme Gospel Worship Center- This church brought me in after my friend was let go from the ministry team. We have a new MD, and we can continue to push each other to cover some of the gnarliest tunes by some of the best producers in the Gospel Scene.. Donald Lawrence, Byron Cage, Kirk Franklin, Jesus Culture... too many to name.

4.The Lyrical Groove- An outfit of extremely talented cats that auditioned me to join their groove hip hop/spoken word band. Kendrick, singer comes through with awesome words that touch more subjects then LOVE,.. this project has taught me so much about the hip hop world, and has given me so many opportunities to showcase my abilities around the people I LOVE to collaborate with. (Google-TheLyrical Groove)

These are my main thangs right now.. I am still doing freelance stuff on the side, I do hope you continue to follow my page, and comment, I would love to hear your projects, and hear your hustle!!!


Finger Issues

Lately I have been nursing my index finger. I hit a weak spot, and felt some sharp pain right where a ring would fit on. It feels very weak, and vulnerable, not ready for ongoing gigs and such. Shows listed will be my last, unless it is with Science Fiction Jazz or Extreme Gospel Church. Stay up to date with my status for TBA and all upcoming shows from 4/7/12 and on! Pray for healing over me, thank you very much!


Free Music on Internet Archive


Thanks to Kenny Shook!

Mandate Records

I am stoked to start working with R&B Gospel Label out of San Diego, Mandate Records. We will be playing some local shows around SD and soon getting out to the east coast. This whole praise movement bigger than I expected! Keep in touch for follows up on all the TBA shows coming up!

much love, Jacob M