well were were close to geting the album done. 7 songs recorded with 4 of them complete, and one crazy evening someone decided to urinate on the computer. At least we have the three completed and can start from there. Sorry ya'll for the hold up but sometimes your the guy peein sometimes your the laptop. we are workin on gettin into a studio again sometime soon. But in the meantime come on out to our live shows around oklahoma and starting to break into texas kansas and arkansas. Keep posted and support live music .

New full band lineup

Well it has been a long time in the making and we are about to release the album and start consistantly touring between Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. We have finally put a band together that is off the hook. Thanks to Jon Murchison for putting the right people together at the right time. The boys are gonna be officially onboard in two weeks with a great lineup of venues all over the bible belt. I want to give some credit to all that have went into making this possible starting with my awesome wife Amy, without her none of this would be possible. and Scott Mandrich and his awesome ear and his paitence with me in the studio. To Jon Murchison again for being a great friend and producer and helping to bring the best out of and old countryboy. To my dad for believing and supporting this crazy dream without yall i just dont think I'd be able to deal with all the downs this road leads to. And to all our fans for coming out and supporting us cuz without yall we wouldnt have a venue to play at. And to all the venues that are crazy enough to have us out night after night yall are awesome. Thanks everybody for all you do We love ya'll

Burnin Daylight

well alot has went into the making of this new album we took some of my older songs vamped em up a little, got some of the best musicians in the oklahoma texas area and started creating. It's been a long strenious process but it is all starting to come together. We are planning on releasing a song onto texas radio bout april. I would like to take some time to thank my team; my wife Amy for all the love and support. My engineer and manager Scott Mandrich for all of his time and energy to make this album happen. My producer Jon Murchison for being a solid ear and strong hold on what the album should possess. Last but not least I want to thank God for putting us all together to make this idea into a realit, because without him nothing is possible. To all of my friends family and fans that come out to every show and keep supporting us through rain and shine. I want everybody to know that yall are all what this is all about. Thank Ya'll

my heros have always been outlaws

this week we start writing the new album. gotta give thanks to everybody that is involved and a big shout out to my wife for making all this possible. keep posted on all thats happening right here so make sure all of you are part of the mailing list for special vip treats see ya soon

live at ma's tradition

putting out a live album called "LIVE AT MA'S TRADITION" make sure yall check it out email us and well get ya a copy out or come out and see us live round oklahoma