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New Video

Been making a video for my new House track CAN U PHEEL IT. Tough but soooo much fun!!


I still have worked on the new track all day and now I think I´m done with it. I try to start to make a video for it tomorrow. This is hard but it´s still the best thing I know what to do, making music I just love it!!


Yippii ay yo. I DID finish my new track!!! I just couldn´t stop cause it bothered me so much so I just had 2 do it!!! YEAH!!!! Now my ears are ringing and head is spinning. Ican´t wait what U guys think about my new track! At least I think it´s one of my best. Sorry 4 being so modest! Hah hah haa!


Didn´t finish the new track today but I think I´ll be sitting here all night. Woke up this morning at 5 AM. and haven´t taken a nap so I´m pretty tired but hysterical. It´s a nice feeling especially on sunday!


Forgot to say it´s so House!!

New song

I´ve been sitting here by this computer ALL day. I´ve been working on a new song "Can U Feel It". It´s a very simple but yet so catchy. Can´t wait to bring it out to all of you. I´m so excited about this new song!


My shoulders are killing me cause I´ve been sitting here by this computer almost all day trying to learn everything there is to learn about this site. And i was supposed to try to migrate my songs from Logic Express 7 to logic Pro. I think I´ll do it 2morrow. If I just can remove my behind from this chair...HELP!

Video 4 DIRTY LITTLE GAME´s here 4 U all 2 watch!!

I just couldn´t stop! I had 2 make the video 2day! It was my first time ever I used iMovie. So I started from squire one, U know learning step by step but it was SUCH FUN. The guy on the video is ME! Well not all of them but you can tell the difference. The little green guy in the beginning and in the end is also me thanks 2 PhotoBooth. I just luv my MAC!!! Hope U enjoy both the song as well as the video! It´s all MADE IN FINLAND!!!


It takes a little longer to make a video than I expected. I promise the video 4 DIRTY LITTLE GAME will be airing 2morrow!!