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So here are the details for the contest! We made it like a scavenger hunt so you should have alot of fun with this one :) Here are the rules/regulations!!! 1. Sign up for reverbnation. FAST and EASY! 2. Add yourself as a fan and for my newsletter. 3. What is the first song listed on this site? 4. In my playlist, who is the third band listed? 5. What song on my song list is NOT on my latest cd? 6. What time and city am I playing on August 27, 2007? 7. What is the caption for the 4th picture on the 1st row? 8. Post a widget of your choice on your myspace page and this must stay there until the winner is announced. **If you do not have a myspace this one cannot pertain to you.*** 9. Post bulletin with a widget in it and tell them to check our YOUR favorite song of mine! (Remember I see all of your bulletin posts)**If you do not have a myspace, send a mass email to at least 20 people, including myself at blakeaaronguthrie@yahoo.com, with this information included.

10. Refer 5 friends to sign up for reverbnation and add me as a friend. To get credit, they must send me a message on reverbnation stating your name (the person who referred them) and your myspace address or email address. Let your friends know they are eligible to participate up to the contest deadline. RULES: 1. One entry per person. 2. All these steps must be completed and all answers must be correct. 3. Contest Deadline: Sunday, September 26th at 3:00pm Central time. 4. Winners will be selected on Monday September 30th at 7pm Central. 5. Winners will be selected by drawing. 6. All questions can be sent via message on reverbnation. 7. Must live in the contiguous United States to be eligible for the FREE private concert.

Prizes: GRAND PRIZE: A free private concert for you and a minimum of 20 guests. The date and time of concert will be determined by the winner and me. The concert will be performed between November 2007 to April 2008. 2nd Prize: A Blake Aaron Guthrie T-Shirt AND Cd!! 3rd Prize: A Blake Aaron Guthrie CD. All winners will be notified on their reverbnation account. GOOD LUCK!!!!!