Antoine " Legond " Andrew / Blog


As i walk among the rest of these people on this earth that i was put on, Iv seen manny faces of evil and felt the breeze of an angel touch an open mind. One man alone with willingness to change himself can change the whole world.Those who fall in the deps of the darkness with no care of coming out shell remain and never gain.To whom shell search persis tords the light will find an open door, one door will open as well as one will close.Corruption of ones mind caused by addiction to what drains, blocks out or numbs pain momentarily is just suicide to the mind,body heart and sole.If we never felt pain then we would never become stranger as a person. Surrounded by destruction you can construct your surrounding to what you please. Becoming a follower you never find yourself as a person and grow as an individual you'll only be another in the crowd wishing to come out. Every stroke you take swimming through lifes water will build you as a person but you can't swim forever-Legond