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Start to Winter

As the snow falls outside, Its great to think what roads VGMB has seen this year. From the VI to TX Midwest and back. Now we are seated and ready to Bring some shows back to the North east. Comming up 12/8 in Boston & 12/15 in RI. After this will will be on the path too getting the next LP out. Giving thanks today for all that we have seen. New Music is abound!


WOW.. The last 3 days have been a whirlwind.. But Tonic room and Q4 went off. There is such a different vibe out here. Every time I play in Chicago and come home to see the Fam, I wanna move back. We have alot of great things coming up back east so.. back to the grind Thursday. We will Have more new video and another mix from the new album up soon! Boston Boat cruise 8/10 and NYC @ Bitter End 8/11. Cant wait.!!

10/22 Red FOX

As we return to Boston today I feel thankful. What a great night of music. We played a very funk heavy set last night, which had people up and boogie foot early. It was nice to dust of a few older tunes I has not played in a few moths. It was a first time at the Fox for most of the guys. Over all a great trip and I look forward to coming back during ski season. Later this week I will be in Chicago. More posts to come. BIG UP the Solar and Lunar Mega Force!!

First Show with VGMB in VT!

I am very excited that we will be playing one of my favorite venues, The Red Fox Inn in Bondville Vt This was the first place I played in VT years ago. It has a great Vibe and is poppin during the Winter months. This Sat 10/22 is a new first, Im glad to be bringing the band there.