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recording our EP, a new level !!

Right now we are in middle of recording our first Pro EP album.Our Demo's were very well received on many sites,and its our beginning. We just uploaded our demo's, so anyone who came to see us live, can go home and find the songs we were playing.At the moment we uploaded them, we had no band formed yet, eric and i just made them, on computer.But we wanted to know how people what people thought.Now coming in June are some of those demo's recorded with the band and line up as we really are!!! .The songs are Professional recorded / mixed and mastered! so the people who like the demo's are gonna love this !! and new song also !!..The songs will be on Itunes, amazon, google play etc ..many many more sites where you can get our first ep album. For us this is our first official big step!! out there !! We are amazed ourself about how cool the songs are sounding !! and the sound we we bring now. The band is a tight team, and we all have the same goals on this, and this you will notice as you will hear on this album......coming in June...we plan a single /with a new music video a month earlier...as a warm up for the coming album!! So watch out for this people !! We cant wait to put it out there Grtz Mike

We are a 4 man band now !

There are changes going on in our band, as we part ways with Robert, our lead guitarist., The youngest in the band. We part as friends! Robert has all the talent in him to be a good frontman of his own band.Wij wish him all the luck and will certainly support him!!.We are thankful for his time with us!

We will continue as a four man band. This means a surprising turnaround in our music!

Till September we will do no live performances, as we have to adjust as four man band , in the rehearsal room. Takes time ..... but .. then.....!! e meantime, we will definitely show/let hear stuff via the internet !

TOO DIFFERENT no 1 @crossover Top100

WE'RE NO 1. !!!!!!!! @ Crossover TOP 100 !!!! In Germany, also 4 other of our songs are in there!! COOL, check link : http://www.myownmusic.de/Rock/Crossover/

This is a part of german website Myownmusic.de, where thousands of bands are registerd Since Too Different registered in Sept 2012, there 2 selfmade Music video's "don't Stop dreaming and Something more" each reach well over 4000 Hits, so that more 8000 hits both !!

We are thankfull and happy !!!

Nieuwe Clip online Eind Maart/begin April

Afgelopen 22 feb hebben we opnames gedaan voor onze nieuwe videoclip en nieuw nummer die we binnenkort online zetten ( eind maart/begin april).Dit vond plaats in zaal TexMex in Spijkenisse, waar divers mogelijk publiek gevraagd werd te figureren voor de opnames vd clip.En dat is goed gelukt !!! We hebben toffe Live opnames kunnen doen.Ook hadden we wat vrijwillige acteurs en actrices gevraagd om bepaald verhaallijn neer te zetten.

Texmex zou graag een release party willen geven zodra clip af is, datum nu nog onbekend.

Na vorig jaar te zijn gestart met nummers te maken en clips te maken, en deze online te zetten krijgen we goede reakties. 2 e helft vorig jaar hebben we de band kunnen formeren. Nu dit jaar zijn we ook begonnen met optredens te doen en nu dus binnenkort nieuwe videoclip. We plannen nog veeeeeeeeeeeeel meer dit jaar!!! SEE YOU OUT THERE!! Meer info en updates check www.toodifferent.nl of www.facebook.com/toodifferent

A new video !!! Coming soon !!!

Hi People!! @ 22 feb we did a live video shoot @ a place called Texmex in our Hometown Spijkenisse here in Holland.

Texmex is a place where all (rock) or alternative bands( and many more musicstyles) can make their gig, for our hometown, its THE place to play there. We asked people to join the video shoot, to dress to impress, and we wanted all kinds of people from every class and age because .....well.... Too Different !!

We had actors ( free willing) to play the story of the video, and the crowd were awesome too !!! Its gonna be a great video!! togeher with a great song Titled : Got My Mind Made Up.

So check it out soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Song, New Music Video RELEASE ON YOUTUBE THIS WEEKEND. Here's is the Video description on Youtube

"This video will take you on a trip on Their 25 year musical Journey, and hard work of Eric Pinas and Michael van der Vaart. This song tells so much about that "Something More"That Music adds to their lifes."


Right now we are working hard rehearsing, to get ready to get on that stage!!!!, blowing the roof off our practising room already !!!! We can't wait to go out live and play !! Also planning to make new music video's, and still making and recording new songs !! So lots to come !!!!!!!

Our first official video clip

Today is the day (16th march 2012) That our very first official Music video clip will be released online on youtube!! at 1600 (CET) exactly.

It's a brand new song Titled : "Don't Stop Dreaming" And its all about following you're dream, and never giving it up, and also dream new dreams to follow and make it reality.

We made this video ourself. We produced/filmed/edit/ from beginning to end. And we are proud of the result.We find it not one of the cheap looking video's, and not also the most expensive looking, but right in the middle somewhere !!

Making it was fun, and hard work, and done in 2 weeks time.And a big learning expirience for us.

For this video, you only get to see Eric and Me as a band.Because we are still in the middle of forming our live band. Just one person to go, but soon its together.

We are planning making more video, so the next video ( which will be a sort of mini movie) you will get to see all new bandmembers we expect.

We hope you all will like the new video. Today it's a big day for us !!

Till next blog Yáll


Our band = almost complete

Our band is almost complete now. Can't wait to get on that stage again !!! One of the bandmembers ( our bassplayer) is expecting the birth of his child in April. so after that we plan to hit the stage !! Meanwhile we're allways recording new songs, and making new video's, videologs, previews AND videoclips of or songs !!!

Also we're planning to make a documentary about our story. Lots of plans, lot of things are coming this year,

Stay tuned !!!

Getting started(again), Form band, finish album, and then HIT THE ROAD!!

What a thrill it is, to be recording again with my best friend Eric!!!! Both performed together since we were 14 / 15 years old, Every year at least 7 gigs, and from 2004 on it stopped for numerous reasons (check our bio for that)

So i was planning to record my own Rock album. But i was wondering and thinking how it would be on my own....a chilling thought, the unknown for me......Eric has his own Thai/kickboxing school, and is doing very well with that.So he is very busy with that.

The moment he came by to visit me in the studio, to check out the new songs i've made ( just weeks ago ) he got exited about the process all over again, and just for the fun of it, we recorded a song or two.Just for the good old time's sake. But after listening to the songs.....the feelling and the big miss of beiing on stage again hit us.And the songs had that "something special" They sounded like they mean bussiness!! they should'nt be "on the shelf".People should hear this!! So eric took the demo to his sports students, who are 15/ 16 years of age, and let them listen, saying it was some sort of band he listened and asked what they thought of it. And they all reacted like, Its great!! who is this band !!!!!???? I want to have that song !!!!!!! He told em that this was his "old band" who just recorded new demo's. They hardly it believed was so..( they did't know his musical past).But then asked: when you gonna play this live !!!!!, ofcourse he said: I dont know

So we got together on this and decided to do it all over again !!! we just make time for it. We miss to be on stage!! Although were 40 years now, its not over yet !!! So now, the first demo's are `out`, on the internet.Its a great time now for artists with these sites were you can connect with people with you´re Music. And with our busy life´s, we must be on our own, doing and planning our own thing.

So we have to build again, that means, getting together a band again, people who want to play our songs live.And with that band record the songs the right way, and have the songs handeld the professional way. mastered!!! So the stuff we put out now, is just homerecorded stuff, but its shows a little what our album is gonna sound like, Some songs wil not make it, others do. Man we can´t wait to get on sage again!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could speed up time!!!, But we´re planning all this for mid 2012, and we are gonna catch it all on video, and put it on youtube, Our history, the now, the future. What a road we travelled, the fustrations we had to bare!! so many interresting stories to tell, and to share!! and now we can!!, and we will.

Really.... were on our own, Not depending on record labels, Not depending on people with recording gear, we got that all ourselves now, we got nothing to lose, nobody can stop us now ( i feel a song coming up hahahah)

After all these years we've learned: Its the passion and love for pleasing the crowd, giving them music to rock on, and give a show, that just for a moment in time, they will forget their problems, and have a blast of a time, .....if we can do that!!!!!, our dream is already fullfilled.But its a addiction !!!!

Till next blog yall !!!

Sincerely yours,