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The Revolution

Again another lineup change, this time we've got the winning formula, James Jones has joined The Ultimate Weapon on bass, Russ moved back to guitar, Justin on the other guitar, Tommys pounding the drums and Jerry on Vocal duty. We have a show next month opening for Vore, and more show opportunities popping up after that! HAIL TUW

Lineup Changes, Shows and More

Well, who wouldve thought when Tenessa quit showing up for practice and Jesse quit the band we would emerge stronger than ever? Turns out the age difference was a big deal. Tommy was down with medical issues, but hes back now with a clean bill of health to drum, and we added Jerry Logan on Vocals and Shawn Fate Nelson on lead guitar emerging with more talent and more experience than ever before in the lineup. We have scheduled our first show at Heros on Garrison in Downtown Fort Smith on December 15th, its a Toys for Tots benefit, opening with our friends Staring Into Fire for Vore and Klause from Fayetteville, AR and Amarillo, TX respectively. New music, new members, a new direction. The Ultimate Weapon!

The Dream Lineup

We've come to a five member lineup consisting of Tommy Koenigseder on Drums, Jesse Nichols on Bass, Justin Harper on guitar, Russ Pfeifer on guitar and vocals, and Tenessa Jane Wroten on lead vocals. All members are talented and motivated, there is great chemistry, and the amount of material we have to work with already is impressive. Next week we move the whole operation to a new undisclosed location to begin the final writing process and recording process of our first album, and from there a show schedule. Stay tuned to The Ultimate Weapon...

New Vigor

After 11 months Justin Russ and Tommy have emerged as the core of the band, last weekend we auditioned a bass player. We invited him back for a second weekend. This weekend we have a vocal audition. More to come~UW

The Ultimate Weapon
The Ultimate Weapon  (over 6 years ago)

Update: we have added Jesse Nichols on bass and our vocal audition turned out to look very promising. More information with become available in the weeks ahead.