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My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from the Lord. Without Him, nothing I do matters or is important. I just want to be used for His glory and His honor. Part of my inspiration for my music also comes from trials and struggles that I deal with on a day to day basis that I believe the Lord takes me through to shape me into the man I need to become. It's been my prayer that through my music others who feel lost or trapped within their sin can look to Christ to bring them out. That's just part of my testimony and that is what I feel like the Lord has called me to do....that through music I can reach others who are struggling with sin and feel trapped by it. That is pretty much the concept behind my debut mixtape, Out The Cage and my new album that I'm working on called Freedom. The concept basically is that there are always times where we feel trapped in sin with no hope......It's only through Christ's death and resurrection that we can be "Free" from sin and that He loved us enough to send is only begotten Son to die in our place for our sins.