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RISEthyRUIN emerged onto the Texas music scene in 2006. Culminating from almost twenty years of work as musicians contributing to various projects, RtR represents an Omega Point for each band member. Every inch of Vision, technique, and devotion was put forth to give birth to its expression; and continues to be. RtR’s music/vision acts as a vehicle of transcendence for both the musicians in the band as well as the listener. Fusing subversive post-modern philosophy with RtR’s love of ancient Taoist ideas has empowered the band’s Vision and lyrical content. Flexible, yet extremely focused, RtR adopted an open and integrated view of writing music. Expressing authentic emotion through intense song compositions has been RtR’s goal since the beginning. "RISEthyRUIN first album, 'A Life Worth Living', was recorded at Million Dollar Sound in Austin, TX and was released in March of 2008. The following year the band released a live DVD that was well received. In June 2010, RISEthyRUIN released the EP, "Doom Befalls the Evolved" which has created a demand for a full-length. Rise Thy Ruin Released "Invoke/Provoke" In March of 2012.