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Music is healing

With these chaotic times we need music more than ever. It heals, empowers, connects and helps us purge our innermost emotions. We artists need to take extra steps to share our music with the people. I remember all the music throughout my life. I remember the songs that marked the good and bad bits in my life's history. It's those songs that I play when I want to remember. When I want to feel. When I want to reminisce. When I don't want to forget. Right now the world is going through a shift. It's the ever present, obvious turmoil that has a strangle hold on the masses. It's a time of awakening from the spoon fed ignorance we gorged ourselves on. Thankfully we are waking up as a society. Thankfully we are done eating the B.S.. Whatever it means, to whoever it's happening to isn't the main concern. It's where do we as individuals stand in this life. What will we do with our new found knowledge. We can't control the future but we can contribute to the present. We as artists can give some healing. We can offer minutes of escape from the chaos, or better yet some energy to the stagnant. It's a precious gift to be able to create a song to give to humanity. Don't take your gift of expression for granted. Don't be stingy with your talents. Share and uplift. Speak your truth. Continue the legacy of healing the great artists from the past gave us.

Support our Lakota Youth for free.

I never charge to perform on my own reservation. Sometimes I book shows here and they will offer me a bit for gas money. I happily accept, but the fact is I waive my performance fee always. I have heard of others that demand programs to give them money or they won't perform. Sometimes our programs or organizations can't afford to pay a fee. I even stepped in last year when the college students couldn't afford to pay another band the fee they wanted. The students were discouraged and wanted to give back to the community they live in. The students were putting on a spiritual walk to support the youth. I offered to perform for free and brought an amazing woman my lil sister Alas Nocturnas to perform for free also. The day was beautiful. The kids were very receptive and respectful. True kindness and true compassion are things you don't charge for, especially if its to empower our own Lakota youth. As musician and performer I have chosen to use my music as a platform to encourage and support my beautiful Lakota people.

2015 Black Hills Unity Concert

I was honored to perform at this year's Black Hills Unity Concert. We so rocked the Paha Sapa! We had an incredible weekend. I'm honored to have shared the stage with so many talented Native Artists. Thank you to all the elders for putting together an amazing event this year. Wopila to all the performers who I made connections with, you're all such beautiful souls. Special shout out to my aunties and grandmas for their strength and dedication.

Thankful for airplay!

Yes I'm on the air in my homeland! Wopila KILI Radio 90.1 FM for always showing support for my music. Wopila Tanka to Derrick E Janis for playing my song today! For those of you that don't know Derrick is the Deejay at the station that got my music career started. I'm give them props every chance I get. My new single has radio play already! YESSS! Wopila Tanka to Roy Dick the coolest DJ at KYNR AM1490, Toppenish, Wa., Yakama Nation Radio. Sending Love n Respect to the Yakama Nation! You guys ROCK! \m/ Yes, airplay in Florida!! On Sunday Alvon Griffin will be playing my song on his radio show Two Worlds Indigenous Radio. Tune in on the web if you get a chance. Wopila Alvon! You Rock! Thank you to Brian Lush for debuting my single on the latest issue of Rock is Red Magazine. In my musical journey I am most grateful and humbled by all the support I receive. Much love and respect to you all.

West Coast American Indian Music Awards Nominee

I am honored to announce that I have been nominated for a West Coast American Indian Music Award. The show is on August 30th, 2014 in Hollywood, California. I along with the talented Miss Tracy Bone will also be presenting an award and walking the red carpet. Thank you to all my fans for supporting and encouraging me in my musical journey. I love expressing myself through music and Im eternally grateful for those allowing me to share my music with them. Pilamiya.

Hard Rock Rising Competition

Just click on the link and download my single to cast your vote. I'm stoked! For each person that votes for me I'll send you a live recording of me singing my song "Soul Mate". https://www.facebook.com/hardrock?sk=app_205164529573076&app_data=eyJpZCI6IjI3MjgiLCJhcnRpc3RfaWQiOiIyMDA4NzExIn0%3D&ref=ts

Cast your votes for Davidica!

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All My Relations Tour this April!!

The All My Relations Tour is an amazing collaboration of Native American & First Nations-Canada musicians! With a blend of country, blues-country & alternative rock, Tracy Bone, JC Campbell & Davidica Littlespottedhorse are ready to rock!

Stop the XL Pipeline!!

We can make positive changes if we stand together as human beings. We are all in this together. The destruction of mother earth doesnt just hurt one race. I know we can stand strong together FB Family. STOP THE XL PIPELINE!!

Gearing up to record.

Ive had some good experiences recording in the past so Im excited to be recording again. The biggest difference this time is it will be my first official single. Im so grateful to be doing what I love the most. Music is my life, my past and my present.