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JGB recording new songs

Time off is off, Joe's health is back. Recording session in order! Shows coming in the summer of 2016 with new material.

Bluesfest 2015, Joe Gaspar Band on!

We were invited to play Ottawa Bluesfest 2015, on e of the major North-American festival. Check their website, some sweet names there: Purple, Skynyrd, Canned Heat, etc. http://www.ottawabluesfest.ca/lineup/#/performer/49

New album

New year will bring new shows, new festivals and a brand new album!

JGB album "Move On!" for sale on CD Baby

Joe Gaspar Band album "Move On!" is on sale on CD Baby and coming on Itunes and bunch of other distribution sites. You can download the album or by song at http://cdbaby.com/cd/joegasparband

JGB on the road to Memphis

We are in the final for the Ottawa Blues Society contest to decide who will represent them in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Down to 4 bands.

link to George Motoc radio DJ podcast featuring Joe Gaspar Band


First album preparations!

This is good! Band is moving fast! We plan to release our first album soon in Canada; yeah, yeah!

new songs

Working on 2 new songs. Once polished Willshire studio open the gates!

Getting ready for business

First objective- gig. Checked. People were crazy about it. Second objective- recording. We are crazy about it. Just you wait!