Toe Amputation

Been out of circulation because of the many times that surgery has kept me down... it has been over a two month ordeal that has handed me the loss of a toe and a lady-friend.... the toe was taken first and LF left in the middle of the night as I was marooned in a sea of fever soaked sheets... and to be completely honest God do I miss that toe.... but somewhere in this trial and tribulation of my life lies the root of some great blues music.... only time will tell since I have been very far from the studio scene as of late... keep your listening ears on for the future sounds coming from the great Northern winds of the P A Blues Band...

Been too busy

It seems like only one day out of the week that I can get some time to lay down some tracks. Songs are forever coming into my head... just wish I could put them down on tape right then and there. Sometimes it comes to recording day and they're all lost wherever forgotten songs go... someplace in this vast universe someone is listening to all those lost songs musicians have misplaced... keep up the jam!!!