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4-7-12 show

Guess it's been a blue moon since Mike or I have done a blog on the reverb nation site.Actually my first blog woo hoo whatevah.Anyhoo LEVEE has a show comin' up on April 7th,which I am personally very much lookin' forward to.We get to play our heavy stuff yee haw.Which doesn't happen enough for me.Mike,me,and Rob usually have more fun at LEVEE shows than DAM shows I'd say,but the heavier stuff is harder on Mike's voice.So long story longer,this will be the first LEVEE gig since Nov. of last year,Mike,Rob and I are ready to rock out and have some fun.I love these shows when it's just the 3 of us up there.More of a challenge than the DAM stuff but I love that stuff too.

Playing w/Michael Schenker, Doug Doppler and Lance Lopez

3 amazing guitarist...MSG, Doug Doppler and DAM at the Fatcat on March 22nd / Lance Lopez and DAM on March 13th at Modesto Virtual...Lance Lopez is my new favorite guitarist

Ready for the rise of the DAM nation

Help us get the music out there-tell your friends.