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Back to "Studio Relaxo"

Weekend after next we will be heading back to our beloved "Studio Relaxo" to finish recording our record. Took a bit longer than we thought but... can't wait!!


Will be finishing up record mid September with the amazing Ronnie King and shooting my video...very exciting!!

Will be doing an article for Warped Mag

Hey!! so exciting will be doing an exclusive interview with Warped Magazing soon. They like the music :-)

"Your Love"

New record will be out soon... so excited just got back from the desert with fabulous producer Ronnie King! and his gorgeous wife Lisa Thanks guys!! so much fun and amazing to see you both xo

New Record

So excited to be recording my new record with the amazing Ronnie King!!

Thanks for all the music

Thanks for all the wonderful music and amazing musicians out there who have yet to be heard.