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Crestfallen Still Battles Childhood Cancer

We are donating 100% of all profits of upcoming album "Mourn" to Children's Cancer Research Fund! For more info please check the link. http://ccrf.convio.net/site/TR/Events/personalfundraising?pxfid=7970&fr_id=1140&pg=fund

Crestfallen Still Busks!

For those of you interested in outdoor live music, where anything can happen be sure to check out this blog chock full of videos, photos and tales of our busking experiences. http://csbusk.blogspot.com/ You can easily subscribe to the blog by putting your email address in the field at the bottom of the page. Thanks for checking it out!

North Metro TV Videos Posted!

Check out the video section for some televised videos of Crestfallen Still!

Crestfallen Still's Television Debut

Greetings! We've been chosen to be featured on North Metro TV's monthly entertainment show, "Inside Entertainment" Stay tuned for more details!

Crestfallen Still -1 Year Together

Today I proudly announce the 1st year of Crestfallen Still's existence.

To me there is nothing quite like the sound of something so organic and natural as the tones of an acoustic instrument. The melodies and rhythms created are unmistakable, timeless and endearing while the subtle nuances give the song character. Created by good old fashioned physical effort and technique, heart and soul. It is these reasons I was drawn so strongly to creating this type of music.

The band was officially formed on December 15th 2011 and we look back on that first year with much success. Within a years time we have written 13 songs, recorded a 3 song EP and have played many live shows. We have also begun the creation of a music video and with the collaboration of other talented artists we are excited for this to come into fruition. A full length album will be in the works as well.

I want to thank Curt and Kevin for their immense efforts, dedication and talents for helping make the band what it is today. They are truly amazing band-mates and wonderful friends, their contributions have been immeasurable and I value what they bring to Crestfallen Still.

We thank our friends, family and fans who have come out and seen our shows, supported us and listened to our music. It is truly a warm feeling having so much support.

Looking forward, the sky is the limit as we continue to create our own unique style of folk music.

There can be no joy without sorrow and our music is a celebration of the crestfallen spirit.

-Christopher/Crestfallen Still

3 Song Ep Release!

After many hours of writing and rehearsing we are proud to present our first studio recording. “Beneath the Willow” (A 3 song EP)

Beneath the Willow is available for FREE digital download and streaming at www.reverbnation.com/crestfallenstill The cd booklet with lyrics, artwork and info may also be downloaded and viewed in the photo section. A limited print of cds is also in the works.

The recording of Beneath the Willow happened during the summer months of May and August of 2012. This 3 song EP features songs picked in accordance to a similar theme, but each song presents its own unique dynamic.

I feel that this recording truly captures what Crestfallen Still is about; the love of music and creating music as well as capturing the mood and moment. We have been working hard on additional songs for the eventual release of a full length album which will happen in an undisclosed amount of time, but we will keep posting more information for those that are interested.

Thank you for listening and for your interest in Crestfallen Still. We hope you enjoy our EP.

- Christopher Rosenberg

First Crestfallen Still Busk Experience

My fellow band mate Curt and I decided to heed the call of a local Food & Fuel (They placed a craigslist add encouraging musicians to come out and perform as they like) and do a little busking.

The weather was not optimal, it was cold, rainy and windy (but definitely fit the mood of style music we play), luckily we were able to play underneath the overhang of the building. I was ill prepared clothing wise and should have brought along something warmer to wear.

The background din was quite loud with many cars passing by, its a busy area so I had to adjust my vocals and sing quite a bit louder than I am used to, but for the most part felt I did an ok job.

There was a decent amount of foot traffic when we played, we got a few interesting looks from some people passing by.. "who the heck plays music at a gas station?" A couple people nodded and went on their way. A small boy kept riding by on his scooter wanting to bang away on our strings, I had to stop a couple times do to laughing uncontrollably when he attempted to do this to Curt while we were in the middle of a song.

We even managed to make a few tips, which was very pleasant.

We played for a good hour and a half , the temperature dropped about 10 degrees from when we first started and our fingers started becoming more and more sluggish until we were forced to quit do to more fumbling than actual playing. (Although I can't speak for Curt, he may have been fine...I was fumbling though.)

We left quite satisfied, not bad for our first busk, we learned a thing or two , took a few mental notes and decided to come back on another date amplified.

Upcoming EP Release and new logo design.

CS is proud to announce that we will be recording our upcoming 3 song EP "Beneath the Willow" starting in April. Kevin Helander will be at the helm overseeing everything to make the album sounds as good as can be.

We have been graced with the art of Robb Swanlund who will do the cover and layout. The cover artwork will be revealed sometime in the near future.

We also have a new logo designed by Nightshade. You can see the updated logo in the photo section.

Feel free to check out some of Nightshades other work at: http://nightshadeart.blogspot.com/

Quiet Child Demo Uploaded

We hope you enjoy it.

Beneath the Willow demo recorded and uploaded

The title says it all. Check it out!