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Finally an Update!!

Good Evening All You RCX Supporters out there!!

It's been a long while since I updated this blog but I must say that I appreciate all followers, likes and fans that I have and it's time for me to get back in the drivers seat!!

For any one interested in my music I give you my entire first album free at RCX.bandcamp.com !! Go download it for free and learn the songs so when you see me live you can sing along!!

Moving on, I am about to start work on my Smokem Records Debut as well as my follow up album. I will be looking for artists to feature so if any of you artist out there are interested in collaborating, hit your boy up! I plan on taking this to a whole notha level and out doing everything I have ever done! I have to at this point, I mean for God sake!! I'm a decade into the game now!! Ain't got no time for messing around!!

Be on the look out for new promo tracks, new videos and just hit me up if you want to bullshit!!

Sincerely, the Wigger you love to hate


Looking for Collabs for in studio and live performances

Just what it says...hit me up if your in the Chicago area if your interested!!

12/6 First Entry

Whats up everybody, thanks for coming and checking out my page. Right now I'm working on my first album, I got about a 3rd of it done and up right now. I'm gonna make a couple tracks downloadable for free here in a few days so come check em out and get you some free music and tell me what you think...much love yall