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Stick A Fork In It!

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone’s artistic endeavors are fruitful here in 2015. So now 2014 is officially behind us. Stick a fork in it, it’s done. But what of our art projects? Are they “done”? Are they *ever* done? I know as a musician, when I write a song or piece of instrumental music, I know there’s always something that can be improved or tweaked about the work of art. But I also know that there comes a point when the project becomes “good enough” and does what it’s supposed to do. Obviously, art means something different to everyone, and we all interpret art differently and different works of art touch us in different ways. So when is the song, or painting, or poem, or whatever, finished? Well, that depends on what you intended to do with whatever it is you’re creating. Are you trying to make people feel a certain way with your art? Are you one of those “art for art’s sake” creators? Are you trying to say something with your art? Prove a point? Something else? For me, I certainly want to entertain people, make them feel good, give them something a little bit different to listen to than what they’d normally hear on the radio. So if I accomplish that, does it really matter whether or not my song is constructed “perfectly?” And what exactly is a perfect song anyway? And by whose standards? But I digress…perhaps that’s another article for another time. The point I’m trying to make here is this: whatever end result it is you’re after, I think it’s wise to consider that once your piece has reached the point where it has made some sort of an effect on someone else, that’s the time when you can “stick a fork in it” and call it done, and move on to your next project. What do you think?


Had my first photo shoot on Saturday. Felt like a real celebrity! Pics coming soon....


Well hello! I've never blogged before, but I figure it'd be fun. Stay tuned....