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Wicked in da Woods 2012

Wicked in da Woods was created to show family love. To me family love is a bond that shall never be broken and when people want to break family's up and make homies chose sides then that shows true colors and feeds hate into the family. To make it very simple, NO WICKED IN DA WOODS.

"Much Love, Pure Hate"

Even the haters are waiting for this album to drop summer 2012. Free digital download will be available for all the Juggalos, Creepers, and haters alike and the hard copy will blow your mind with bonus tracks including old school Carnies With Axitude (CWA) and never before heard songs for both the Love and the Hate side of the album. Featuring "Where is the Luv" the track that will also appear on The Juggalo Nation Soundtrack that hits the web on Oct. 31st. Keep Creepin' Fam

A New Year

Creepin Upon 2012 has come and gone now and the whole while we got down with Carnival Killaz and witnessed Essek gettin sick with it, Jesta bringin it his way and MurdaFace celebrating a full year with us, and then purplErock burnin like the Creeper. We at Creeper Productions are lookin forward to the next big year. Wicked in da Woods will be held in July and we have a lot of new acts and events for the weekend. Yes I said weekend. This year has the newly anounced Creeper Productions Wrestling and its goin to be off the hook. Bloody bloody bloody thats all we want right? More games and all around bigger and better. Stay informed and keep lookin for updates about Wicked in da Woods.

Keep Creepin

Whoop whoop Creepers. Our New Years show is lookin bigger than last year for sure. SICK! So we got a whole night of wicked shit startin with the Carnival Killaz puttin down the ground work for the night. This gets to be followed up with the newest member to Creeper Productions, EssEk. This sick fuck is going to rock the mic with that real underground wicked shit. Jesta has been seen by many but very under seen. His set has new never before heard wickedness and its for sure to be the Jesta style. Welcome back MurdaFace! This is his second Creepin Upon show. This also marks a full year that he has been rockin the mic with Creeper Productions. WHOOP WHOOP! The night get darker, the air gets colder as the wind brings in The Creeper himself. purplErock has the underground shaking with fear, drenched in blood, and runnin for a front row spot to the wickedness to unfold be for the evening is through. Be ready Creepers. We rule the 208!


Do not eat before seeing "Creepin Upon 2012" This New Years show is going to be sick. We got purplErock The Creeper keepin it wicked with that 208 underground horrorcore rap and a murderous set that the Creepers have yet to see. I promise blood, pain, and zombies. From life to death the Three84's got it covered. Hold onto your loved ones and shield the young ones eyes. Murder is a part of the plan. Look for JP and PsychoPat to cause bodily harm and inflict agony on all.

Creepin Upon 2012

The year is almost over and at Creeper Productions we would like to take time to thank our family. Much love to the Three84s. We have had some of the best shows this year because of our homie JP. Everyone owes him a beer cause his place has been the setting for many partys and shows. We clear out his home to fit all the Creepers and fill it we do. Creepin Upon 2012 will mark one year of doin shows with MurdaFace and the first New Years show for Jesta, Carnival Killaz, and Essek. Wicked In Da Woods was just that, wicked. This coming summer looks to be even bigger and better with PsychoPat headin up Creeper Productions Wrestling and all our artists got new shit to bump the trees to life. I want to thank all who helped out with the Rep The Axe Tour. AMB was the shit. We'll see em agian. Creeper Productions is lookin forward to touring this upcoming year and is still looking for a spot at the Gathering Of The Juggalos. Keep em crossed ninjas. Street team is strong and I wanna give props to Missty Lette of the Idaho Juggalos Facebook page and all the Creepers puttin up flyers and handin out demos. There is alot of local ninjas tryin to make it in the underground and I'd like to give em a WHOOP WHOOP! I meet lots of talent and wish I could put everyone on but that just ain't the way shit works. We also have found a lot of haters over the last year. I guess they aren't as good as we be. GRIMM, this means you! The Boise underground has had its fair share of hate as well. Get over it. Creeper Productions is the shit and you can't hold a candle to what we have done for the 208. I'd like for everyone to thank my wife for keepin me alive cause at times she has wanted me dead and that would be no good for doin shows. Right? Big props to all the wifes of the Three84s. Kiwi, Kat, and Juggette da Juggalette. Homies in jail and homies on the way to jail got our love too. Keep Creepin homies. purplErock The Creeper


"Much Love Pure Hate" The upcoming album from purplErock The Creeper intails new tracks for the ones we love and for the ones we love to hate. A for sure reason to get off your ass and get to a show to pick up the first copys and online http://creeperproductions.webs.com Keep yor eyes open Creepers.

Music Video

For Kiwi's birthday this year a select group of the Creeper family is gettin together to record the upcoming purplErock "Where is the Love" video. This song is on the soon to be released album "Much Love, Pure Hate" and the video will be a free download at http://creeperproductions.webs.com

Creeper Productions Wrestling

PsychoPat of The Three84's is heading up the CPW project and has shit comin together for this years Wicked in da Woods. Blood and pain are for sure to show up so all you Creepers be ready. We still have room in the line up so if you got balls (or a really strong neden) then hit up PsychoPat purplErock or J.P. for more details. You can also stay posted at http://creeperproductions.webs.com or facebook purplErockthecreeper.

Hellish Trails. The Tale of Three.

Three together, but each alone. Travels bring the darkest part of apocalyptic purgatory to your ears. New tracks from Creeper Production's newest group of killaz coming soon! purplErock