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Time Is Coming Soon!!

My new CD "Perugia Way" (formerly to be titled "Turning Blue") is in the completion process. In the meantime, feel free to check out my I-Tune singles (or buy as a whole album) of my "Best Of" or the Comedy CD I did with Chuck McCoy. The link is: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/best-of-del-rivers/id887775922

A Long Wait...But...

I feel really bad about my lack of a "real" CD in 2012; but a few things have been happening on the way towards that goal. Saxon Recording studio is in the process of moving to a new location, and in the deal I will be the first client. Owner Dave Anderson will be helping me with some original songs that I wrote with Darren (of McFadden's Parachute); plus I may include co-writes with other musicians. In the meantime, my Del Rivers Show on Funny Or Die continues; currently featuring comedy-related acts. Thanks for being patient - some demos are at my You Tube channel (Del Rivers).

Working Slowly on Next Project...

I have another CD idea in the works. At first it was going to be an EP with 4-5 songs; but after talking to Dave Anderson at Saxon Recording, I may do something else. Jerry Flanagan (of True Believers) has donated an idea which I may consider, plus I'm still up for covering a Smithereens tune. A song that I wrote with filmmaker Rich Gagnier is a strong contender, as is an old blues tune by John Lee Hooker (that I did years ago with Hank Blast of The Shakin' Bones). Lastly, a re-written idea that was meant for "Cousin Al" back in the early 1980's ("Surfin' Dog") is also on the table. I'm still working on more lyrics, direction of the artwork, photos, and other things that go into any type of creative project. It seems more difficult nowadays just to get anything done. I still have to finish scripts for the Frontal Lobe Show and some acting yet to do on Frank Stamm's Astronaut Upstairs movie. Of course, I doubt if any of these things will pan out financially...but we stand as much chance of winning the lottery, so why not try!