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Music Music Music April 2, 2011

I believe music is the sign and meaning of life, it is the song of the spirit, the sound of love. Music is humanly universal in its reflection of the mysteries of love, life, death and eternity; Music allows us to feel at one with nature and with each other. Music allows us to reveal the best within us when we participate in it. I play flute for the purpose of inspiring people- to celebrate our lives, to feel good about being human, to sing and dance about it. I love to play for dancers. I love the flute and all the sounds it can produce, the potential, infinite range of colors and moods. I love to improvise music on the flute play many colors and many moods. My current favorite flutists include: Sergio Pallottelli, Alexa Still, Amy Porter, Sharon Bezaly, Alexandra Grotsasha, Emmanual Pahud, Patrick Gallois. My favorite virtual flute teacher is Michel Debost, from his book THE SIMPLE FLUTE.