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Beer Under the Bridge

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Busy Busy!

It's great to be spending so much time working together as a band this July and August! We're staying busy, with more shows than we normally do - even as a few venues we used to book pretty regularly decided to close their doors. Make sure you get out and see music at a local venue, before there are no more local venues. They rely on your patronage!


Crossfire has a bit of a hiaitus as members take their families on vacation. Cowboy Up! has the same issue, as lead singer Reggie takes some time away. So the two bands are working together, with Dave Forney from Crossfire sitting in for Reggie for 4 shows in June, and maybe a few more in July and August.


It's that time of year when people are planning weddings and corporate events. We love doing these, and will even work with you to learn requested songs!


What a great start to 2012, as we rocked in the new year with the folks of Arlington, Nebraska. Our Place is a typical small-town bar, but we packed it to the rafters! This year we start off with a show at the Whiskey Roadhouse at Horseshoe Casino; and we begin a relationship with the Rusty Nail to perform once each month through June! Be sure to come check us out!

New Years

Be sure to come check us out in Arlington at Our Place (different from the Our Place in Ashland) for our New Years show! There will be crab legs, party favors, champagne, and great music!

Holiday events

Be sure to join us December 17th at Bushwackers for the 7th annual Christmas Party, and to help celebrate the triple birthday celebration! Bring a dish and tell 'em you're "here for the party!" Then come join us for New Years Eve at Our Place in Arlington, NE (between Fremont and Blair).

Whiskey Roadhouse

Up next for us is the Whiskey Roadhouse, inside Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs. This is our first invitation after our audition back in the summer, so we're hoping for a great turnout! We never forget that club owners will only want bands that bring customers!


What a great weekend at Bushwackers! Hundreds of patrons, great costumes, hundreds of dollars of prize money for the winners, and each got a copy of our new CD, too!


Weve uploaded our album "Need to Know" to iTunes, but it will take a few weeks for it eo be approved and available for download. You can always order the CD from our website, www.crossfirecountrymusic.com