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Summer 2014

Well life never seems to be boring at our crib, lol, but God stirs up the unbelievable for sure.As I have often thought, if it were normal I'd be bored.As to music there are a few new updates, closing in on the finishing of a actual vocally laden Cd, imagine that lol, and have a few guest musicians on it, but it is gonna rock. so having given the latest updates, my friends hope you all have a awesome summer and great kickoff to the upcoming fall season , regards, Vito

"Way Back to Love"

Hey my friends, its been quite a long winter season, I personally got lost from music, and it was a struggle to find the passion and l've I once had for the instrument, but as with all seasons, there's a time to lay it all down, and await the return of the passion, the vibe, and the lost love of the instrument, that always sits in the corner awaiting your touch. awaiting your feel...like a woman, it's inspired by only you , and awaiting your return...very special times. Have a great Summer peeps, hope to see all of you out in the crowd, enjoying what we put forth, Vito

Gonna kick it hard in 2014 !

I gotta say this has been a incredible spring so far, lol, or extended winter actually :(, but it has it's purposes. In the upcoming sprain/summer /fall, we have a lot ready to open up for us as a act, on a personal note, much change upcoming in the summer as life throws it's moments upon us, but it's all actually good changes and moments to be had. We are gonna open up the rock act to a few new markets this summer, hopefully ever expanding fan base and cool listeners, do in short let's all have a awesome summer 2014 !!!! Vito

Rock up 2014

With the usual things we think of in a new upcoming new year, we see a year with new promise, and opportunity, a new year of music, new events and new friendships. Hopefully for all my friends and family it's one of closeness and new beginnings to those who are afar, that they begin to draw closer. For me the year is one of great challenge, I have the identity of a musician who is also a christian, one where we are judged by many , with each and every step, or movement, opinion we bring forth. Having said this , in the end I am a Christian who loves Christ/God, but im also a human being, as paul described i romans, a man with a dual nature, many see in the religious community as this separation as a unity between spirit , and filthy flesh...I am going to go one step further here, the flesh is controlled by the mind, the spirit inside each of us has the ability to feed either good or evil and cause the flesh to act accordingly, thus lets work out of the good in all mankind afterall God will use it ! Be blessed all my family & friends, and have a AWESOME 2014, Vito

The Fall is Upon Us

Well as a Christian the end of summer reminds me of this upcoming fall season , as a symbolic change of direction in one's life,and possibly faith. the summoning of the new season, can thrust us into a "NEW" way of thinking, as in most cases, change can be a good thing. in looking at the many blessings in my life, the ability to play music, compose and share it with my friends both familiar, and abroad is a true testament of the reaching of God's hands in my life. I cannot possibly attempt to achieve any of what I have done so far, the mere fact that I have been #1 for such a long period of time, both locally and Nationally is proof that God, will move in his time and confound man thru it. I defy logic, prior to moving forward with the "Shredding" I was severely discouraged, pushed aside by contemporary minded Christians, but i held firm to the promptings of the"Holy Spirit", and moved forth in spite of their logic. this is what fall represents to me, the throwing away of the old way, and ushering in the"NEW" way, that God will use me, to gather his sheep, for him I serve, and with him , in him I am fulfilled. Rock on my peep's, Luv ya all, Vito

Done Dirty

Hey peeps, be careful with your Twitter,I recently had my account hacked, lost almost all of my 349K followers, plummeted my rankings on my site here, afterall Reverb does not care why you lost followers...or fans only computes them, so as is always the case a number game, where I got a big hit. So alas, the ride at the top is over, but thank you all for being so supportive , Vito

Summertime !

A lot going on in the music these days, shows and such, hard to find time to even breathe with life stuff, family stuff, and of course the recording of several new tunes for "Return To The Vibe" Cd, coming soon :). In the effort of passion, and energy, the tunes so far on the CD , vary in technique and style, but have one thing in common, they are from the soul where it all starts, from God thru me , to you :), it's a beautiful and rewarding process, one that I dont take lightly, afterall when God gives you a ability, you must share it with all to bring a little bit of light to a otherwise darkened world, be blessed all, and enjoy your summer of 2013 :) Vito

Giving It All

Lately a lot of things seem to fall into place as God moves, it's a truly amazing thing to be part of as it begins to come together.I find that in his will is a great place, so much better than when we try to move the mountains that we were never designed to do ourselves.In our quest to find ourseles, I find than in my own will I am prone to fall to flesh, yet in his will it is such a divine movement that in our weaknesses, he develops thru him a strength to press forward even in dire, or hard times, to his product of completion to a new plateau of faith that we had never seen prior.It truly is a awesome experience, and blessing to have him in my life, one I have nor ever will deserve, but by his son's blood I am given , be blessed my friends Vito

Wow...When God moves !

I awoke this am reflecting on much that has been going on either personally or musically, I have held the #1 spot in Christian Rock in USA & Globally for well over a month and counting, incredibly humbling when you consider all the excellent talent in the Christian rock genre, acts like Bobby McIntyre, Chaotic Resemblence, Doug Shea, Random Hero...to name a few, it's a honor to be in the fold with these acts. God has his purposes in our lives, if we are open to him, he will use us..In his timing of course. It's especially exciting to see Christian acts like myself and others in the Overall total charts in the top 20 of the Country, God is getting his recognition musically, the ideas that Christians aren't rockers is foolish, let's not forget where we came from, we were once as is the case for many of us now, in the secular realm rockin it out, but God chose us to use our gifts to glorify him first...so let's always remember who , and what we are in the overall picture of life, we are here to use our God given gifts to have fun, be joyful but above all else...use the to build his kingdom ! that's my take on it all ! God is Good ! Vito

Exciting Times

Well it's pretty much summer here, and music is beginning a new chapter for me, first summer of rock as my personal name, as a act, lol. but it's a cool thing, like removing a mask to reveal who you are, legally i can finally, so it's a good thing. In any musical endeavor one must put forth their work as a totally truthful and in-depth release of who and what they are so to speak, if you do that you will connect to the fan base. the upcoming release of "Return To The Vibe" is truly a return to my roots, jam oriented but event flowing music, where the guitar plays many different parts and flavors, in prior career acts, I did not have the freedom to do so, so this is totally new to me, but exciting, so in short, God bless all, and hope we all have a awesome rockin summer, with huge blessings ! Vito