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william FULD / Blog

I. The Golden Day Meets Night

I’ve stepped through human life At thirty-two Tableaux per fractured time, Witnessing Man’s vain striving toward no love. I’ll step through human life At sixteen Tableaux per fractured time, Witnessing Man’s vain striving toward no love. I step through human life At twenty four Tableaux per fractured time, Wagering Love is stronger than I am! Sing the song… Of Solomon. Four wheels, the road— Two souls, one heart. Look to their faces, they love— Perched on their heart are two hooves. Toast to the youth and the bride— Wine from the cup’s either ends. Now whose eyes see only red cloth; Now whose eyes are tied? But as golden leaves in autumn Fly in winter’s early breath, At the tranquil village crossroads Waits in silence for them— Death! Bulbs of souls bloom Coffers spill silk Landless scapes hem Lovers flesh leaves Supine erect Sheltered from the winds of sickness, Lovers hunker at an inn. As the Stranger enters, fever Flys in—chilling burning skin. Trekking toward spring Locked hearts view glass God’s work can’t fail I raise new crops Could God dissolve? Three mouths, two cups— We flee, she’s left. Look to their faces, they love— Perched on their heart are two hooves. Toast with a stein full of sand— Shattering wine on the boards. The one and one more— Strikes not a dozen yet. The drunks have planted Lush seed of moonlight craft. Wolfberry blooming, The seal on her heart’s broke and lost in the mass. She sings the anthem— The words of devil’s reign. Love is as strong as Death; Passion as cruel as the grave! Tallow dripping The sprockets tearing Her skirts flaring Stairs ascended For her love Stairs ascended A summon blatant Braved the poison For her love Braved the poison A mother’s weeping Light extinguished Stillborn love A time for love… Love is a place out of time Love is a place without time Love is place that’s a world from where I rule the lights

II. The Story of the First Light

City of the faithful teems Spires touch Allah A call for prayer The Faithful rise All in white, the Giaour walks alone Whipped by prayer Hate carried on the wind Oh, Ramadan Rise up, all ye faithful: And give unto the Lord Rise up, all ye faithful: And strive to wipe out evil Rise up, all ye faithful: To strike your neighbor’s thinking Rise up, all ye faithful: To kill the sin in man Rise up, all ye faithful: To kill the man of sin Their robes Flare out Like arms’ prayer Their heads Bowed low In reading Though they sit, they’re just as dizzy Searching Unveiled Eyes seek love Spanning Nations Religions God’s map folds as love’s empire strides The hu- Man need To breathe free Yet when Freedom’s Face appears God’s rule, like cloth, suffocates us Swords spark in fight Swords spark in flight Crowds stampede Their prop: hearts that bleed A sister’s arms A lover’s arms Quells mob rule Stays hands, veined and cruel A sunken realm Ascending realm Winding stair Spilling those who dare The moon’s two horns The moon’s two horns Rooftop lead While she’s steered like sheep Power lies here

PART 1: The Divine Dream Fled

[The Detective Speaks:]

Last night my / Eyes opened: / Ragged claws made / By the moon. / Swaying trees, / Guard-like stand — / Secrets kept by / The holy dead... /

Figures / Of trees / Witnessed / My fear. /

A pair of burning / Eyes from shadows / Watched my sleep. /

He is present / In those corners, / Where light can fill... /

Every nightly torch, / With the heat of blessedness, / Will guide my path — / Even when the dark is rife. / Won't it? /

Dreams pierced my vision, / My eyes leaked for once. / Love showed her true face / And god's defected. /

My love / Tramples / Thoughts of / Duty... /

Your words kissed my ear, / Their meaning kills / Dreams of religion — / Lice disinfected. /

"There beyond god's shell / Lies a bliss untouchable, / Where the nobel lie / Is spit into the bible's leaves — / And together rubbish heaps are froze. /

Lay / Waste / This Sordid dream / So for once, we can awake this night." /

Now your voice / Blurs with his — / World's collide. / Covenants, / Wink like stars — / Make a wish. /

Promises, / Culpable — / Twisted acts. /

Watch grace flee / As the sun / Breaks new ground. /

Morning will / Invite back / His mute lies. /

Reclaiming / Histories / Without truth. /

Have I let reason wane so long? / Have I wrested only words? / Is this dull earth demanding all? / Is what is right what love commands? /

Heaven and earth crash, they / Impact in my veins — / Sung between / Rays of night / Fire's dwelling, / It walks with me. /

These trees / Give up / A demon stalking / With sockets blazing; / I can resist / With love's enduring strength. /

Your ice eyes have taught me / Lessons till now lost: / Enflamèd pictures / Teased my fancy / Imagination led on / Terror the leash. /

God stalks / Hunting / Punishing flames / Follow his steps / In night's cool truth / Is where love rightly thrives. /

We can't live. / By just faith. / Desire's fated / By just faith. / With faith alone / All we eat is ash. /

So, my love — / We won't be bested. / We won't back down for laws, / Underwritten scorches: / "Shun this dream's sun..." /

But then the morning's rays / Swallow conviction. / A slave his master's voice — / A child's fear. /

He enters, / Where's love? / I only / Know how / To bow / And now / I am burning... /

PART 2: A Shape All Light

[The Father Speaks:]

My lost daughter, / How can this surface / Of glossy wood / Bar a father's love? / To lie with you once again – as in life. /

Wailing for a time / In jazz-tinged lodges. / You in your new frame: / A second coffin. /

In my / Weak arms. / A dance of death / When in live / You were still. / Perfect / Features / Now death cannot, / From your head, / Cull your hairs. /

And the pain of bliss contests / With the shelter I've bestowed – / All work with little rest. / A house replete / Want / Indoor vacancy. /

I called / On his name / To rid / Want / And desires burning. / His cure: / A fatal price. / I paid / All. /

The hope of prognosis, / A retired speech / When cancer's cut out with a knife. /

No, no recovery / With time – / You've washed all your sores out with salt tears. /

I mourned / While you lived / When I / Heard / The demon's solution. / But he / Brought you peace, / So no / Guilt. /

With death as your shield, you're / Preserved under glass — / Old age cannot hunt your youth now. /

We danced so gracefully / In time – / Your struggles have dissipated. /

The depot reeks / Of moldered teeth. / It's gaping maw: / Your journey. /

A southern course. / These feating worms – / Now they're feed / Handsomely. /

All feelings sold, / As if root-bound. / I'm stock still, / Without breath. /

My knee is ridged / It's bent in praying; / To currency I / Give all my love. / Maybe / It was / My hand / That moved... / The dollar sings rise / To judge the wicked. / All vacancy's lost – / The sinner's soul. /

(Avez-vous jamais joué les allumettes? Ma petite fille...je n'ai tué personne) /

Strangers' hands / Bought your warm heart: / I'm deprived / Of a taste. /

Your carried off, / Conveyed by trees. / On nature's path / You're active. /

I'm choked by tears, / So steely bulked – / Death's my wish, / But I won't sink. /

Maybe / It was / My hand / That moved / Knives. /

PART 3: The Pain of Bliss

[The Victim Speaks:]

The curtain-stretch swaying in red, / And still fluctuates. / Bare actions: / Thought when cut off from the head... /

A grace flies about me, / With shadows and feathers—the same. / (Thought feels...) / Reign of the atoms. /

The pattern in tiles, / A stage and its staining—with blood: / (What runs...) / Came from the arms of /

My killer, my father / The change in their faces—those wings / (Times flees...) / Beat all the faster. /

Upwards through thinking, / All goodness and evils—dispelled, / (Onward...) / Now that there's landscapes in black. /

The purchaser's hand / Is empty by trade. / The layaway sun, / By night, / Walks as these swift thoughts see fit... /

The cunning of portraits, / Sad shapes which it kindles—all light, / (Thinking...) / With no distractions. /

No view of the full moon, / Its essence in bloodstreams—still moves; / (Only...) / The day cannot follow. /

These features extinguished, / The bodies they've wounded—their own. / (Makes it...) / The blinds the bleeding. /

He's bent to the risings, / His imagination—were' one: / (So...) / Alone I'm his audience. /

He kneeled then but now no more — / We'll stand amongst thistle's red paint. /

Above stars' perfection a universe flares / He lights in the coldest of natural hues / We gravitate closer till we are our dreams / He brings the earth's wanting and this renders love /

No hell, no god; love wilts in books; know pain, know bliss. / I'll see you twenty-five years... /

PART 4: The Undying Serpent

[The Demon Speaks:]

The sun moves higher yet, to its midair position, to its hottest place. I rise with it, enriched as I am made aware of how our burning spreads far-off—like blood soaked into the cloth across a cougher's face. I feel it push through my physique, then through their earth as it complies with worldly boundlessness. Our fever flies across all seas—of water, sand and time—wherever there is man, sunk in his sty. It burned and burns and it will burn... /

And all the highway ramps request, / Each car a living cell: / Take us by the fangs and drink / The hate of forty-hour weeks and constant agony. /

The sun's afflictions show in red / A race of sunburned men / Shout their gaudy broadcasts clear / As heard in their meticulously decorated graves. /

Their lot's a solid utterance / They take as nourishment / And cast all growth aside... /

The paranoia that their neighbor thrives / Fuels my flaming limbs for weeks. / Advancement's wish sent out in prayers; /

But who's the lord they hope will lift them up, / Rectifying earthly thirst? /

Sealed glass: / My face. /

Shooting down their blood / To prove one god's the truth. / War unites the race. / Each end: / I'm praised. /

Hate, hate, hate – Religion's handout. / Hate, hate, hate, hate – All witches will be burned. / Hate, hate, hate – Difference, hierarchy. /

God's love: / Is killing thought. /

Boot heels click... / Sounds the prayer /

Cease all others' gains; / Spare our path of traps. /

The gift of the weak is a dream agleam, / With chances the earth can't afford. /

The strong are encouraged to fight, might / Is what a man needs to be god. /

The net of god's law is unfurled this world, / Aflame with his hatred of man. /

Mists becomes the rock; / Kiss this twist of knife. / Murder's crowned! /

I crave you again, my love. But if death, with its elitism, keeps you from me, then others will suffice. I'll polish them like your mirror. Then, again, our intimacy rekindled, I will know you, inside and out. I will puncture you, and praise you for the joy it brings. These new yous I'll send your way, one by one, wrapped in plastic like gifts—sent from underneath these trees... /

I got idea man / You take me for a walk / Under the sycamore trees. /

The dark trees that blow, baby. / In the dark trees that blow... /

And I'll see you And you'll see me / And I'll see you in the branches that blow / In the breeze. / I'll see you in the trees / Under the sycamore trees. /

And then it rears / Its gelid scales / And icy fangs / Into my heart / My furnace heart / Those fangs will sink / The jellied flames / Will overflow / My living heat /

As sure as night falls... /