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The Album Templeution is EVERYWHERE!!!

You may be sitting at the computer wondering... "Hmmm What should I do?" The answer is Templeution. Search out either Neon Temples or Templeution and we will be there. Feeling happy or sad the album is there for you. We are currently on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Nokia Music, Rhapsody, Spotify, Iheart Radio, and Last.FM!!! Give it a listen comment & tell us what you think. It has been a long 5 months of recording and hope you enjoy what was created as much as we do. It sounds like Godzilla having sex with a Rhino... Very majestic!!! JOIN THE CAUSE, JOIN THE TEMPLEUTION!!!

The album is live on iTunes and many more

iTunes, Google play, Spotify, and many many more. The album Templeution and the movement we (us and the fans) have started is ramping up!!! Join The Cause! check us out listen to the songs come see us play October 19th @ Connolly's Klub 45 in Times Square. ***special CD and Merch discount @ the show***

Thanks for looking at the page!

We are currently in the works on the first ever Neon Temples album. Expect the updated songs to be here in just a few months. Till then we do have a YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, and ReverbNation page with a bunch of our videos and live recorded songs.