Wrapped in Plastic

Rock 103.9 played my song "Wrapped in Plastic" on the air once again yesterday. I would like to thank all my friends and family for your constant support and encouragement. Please continue to follow me at: www.reverbnation.com/andrewferguson

Success in the Studio

I spent this weekend in the studio redoing the vocals on Degeneration X; it now seems like a completely different song and I encourage all of you to listen to it as I think you will like it. Also, it will be the next song I release to Rock 103.9 in College Station, TX.

I thank you all for your support each day and I encourage you to visit my page often for updates and to listen to and even share my songs with others.

Andrew Ferguson

The Studio

This weekend I will be going back into the studio to record some new material and also to redo the vocals on a few of the songs I have already released. So, stay tuned to my page because there is more music on the way.

Weekly Update

We are now ranked number 4 on revernation and I thank all my friends and family for their support and encouragement along the way. Please continue to help us climb the charts by telling all your friends about us and by visiting this site often and listening to our music for free. Thank you all once again!

Weekly Update

I am happy to announce that we have moved up the charts from 31 to 26 in less than one day. This could not have occurred without the support of my friends and family and for that I thank you all. Please continue to visit my site and listen to my music free of charge.