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Vegas Love Video Contest: 1. Click on the link www.Reverbnation.com/DiyaKareem and download my new single "Vegas Love" 2. Create your own short video (less than 1 min...15 sec instagram video would be ideal) inspired by the song. 3. If you're using instagram please include #VLvideocontest to your post, if not feel free to upload your video to youtube or some other video site. 4. Including the song with your post is preferred but not required for entry. 5. The winner will be announced Sunday 9/15/13 and will receive a CASH PRIZE along with inclusion in the final cut of the official "Vegas Love" video!!! 6. LET'S HAVE SOME FUN PEOPLE!

Back II Life (Resurrecting R&B)

Growing up in the 80's and early 90's, Diya Kareem was fotunate to be influenced by some of the greatest voices in the history of R&B. It is precisely that influence which drives his sound today. The upcoming album titled "Back II Life (Ressurecting R&B)", successfully captures the feel of a time when music was music while blending in a sound that is new and edgy.