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I made top 10 in Local pop charts!!

So I'm in the top ten list on the local pop charts on reverbnation currently at #10! I would like to thank anyone & EVERYONE who has listened to my song "Before you leave me" & is supporting me! It really does mean so much & is so exciting for me!! I definitely want to take my song, future music & myself way further in the game & am going to work extremely hard for it. I should be recording VERY soon maybe even next week & from there on just get it poppin' & keep it going so once again thank you thank you thank yyooouu!! lol. Plenty more coming & I appreciate every person who listens to my music & supports me!! If you haven't had a chance to hear my song go to www.reverbnation.com/jerelmarquez & make sure to "like" my new fb page at www.facebook.com/jerelmarquez Much luv Jerel ;-)

My music, album & life!

Hey everyone! First off if you are reading this I just want to say thank you!!! It truly does mean SO much to have support from you. About my music: Well for my current songs I am going with a pop/dubstep type of feel, With just a little bit of R&B and hip hop flavor in my vocals. I write most of my songs although I am very open minded and love to hear other writers ideas as well! I currently have a song posted titled "Before you leave me" featuring Mythikal, My producer!!

My Album: We have plenty more songs to record before we put my debut album out, but it should be here this year in 2013. I just really want people to feel it. it's the start of an amazing journey & I'm just excited and blessed.

Life: Again very blessed & ready to take on my career & this industry! once again thank you to anyone who is reading this, I really want to connect with anyone who becomes a fan of mine. I want to inspire you & show you anything is possible if you believe! Much luv!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jerel