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Summer music!

Feel good songs to kick back to while swiggin an ice cold beer on a Saturday afternoon! All Summer Long...Blue Sky...Lazy Song...Summertime! :)


I've been looking for a low priced amp that can give me various sounds but with the same feel, and I was able to hook up with a 100 Watt Vox combo amp. I need to still get a footswitch for it but i have some pedals and a cry baby to play though plus the factory presets and amp modeling. It gives a way better sound than what I had, but I'm still not used to working with the settings. I've got a few amazing settings that I stick with for now so I will play them to the hilt in the meantime. Later, strattmatt

Amp Search!

For years I've played on a small practice amp. Although it is a 120 watt Crate and has a good sound and volume even for playing out, it is time to find a great tube amp or I should say, something a little more professional! I'm playing in a great band called the Kind now and we have some upcoming gigs so I need to up grade my sound! our 2nd guitarist has a good set up! I'm looking for a great tube head or combo amp with some great clean tones btu can also give me some balls when I need to heavy things up a bit! ;0) so if anyone can give me some suggestions, that would be awesome!

Thanks, Stratt Matt