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A New Hope...

Recording acoustic guitars for our follow up ep this evening. I'm excited. I'm really familiar with the material so it should go relatively smooth. I just want to record some "Eagles Desperado-Era Acoustics". That's not too much to ask is it.

The FIrst Full Day.

Today 01.07.13 is the first full day I have had of the new year. I considered watching Netflix the entire day but lost motivation. I ended up reworking an old song. I have never had a bad time, or memory connected to this song and I have played this song alot of times.I felt like this should be a great way to kick off the new year. Mid-afternoon demo from the place on lake debra.

Promise for a New Year

Surviving Mayan Apocalypse and the 2012 Holiday Season Doc Ellis Orchestra would like to make a Promise for the New Year. We are going to play and write and gig and record and above anything and everything else have fun in 2013. We are a family that is growing and DEO promises to keep growing and doing more for ourselves and for you, the people who keep music alive. See you in the New Year.

Is there anybody in there?

I couldn't decide if "in there" or "out there" is more correct to how I feel. If I were on the inside of things and I understood "life" it would be "out there." I am definitely on the outside so the questions must be "in there." Can someone teach me the secret handshake, text me the password, or somerthing? Life is great on the outside but I want in. Or at least I think I do. I really don't know. Success not an exclusive club just elusive. Success changes people. Yes that is what I want. Failure hasn't changed anything and I have the formula to not succeeding down pat. In retrospect, maybe I'm the problem. My unhappiness and disatisfaction has been such a consistent part of my character that I'm not sure I would know how to live my life without it. Maybe I should be asking if there is anyone inside of me that still dreams the dream? Where is the gatekeeper? Who knows the keymaster? Is there anybody in there?


I am constantly looking for signs. "Road sign up ahead next stop the Twilight Zone." I often question my decision making, and look for signs to help steer me along the path. "The path to heaven, leads through miles of cluttered hell." I wanted a sign to let me know that Doc Ellis Orchestra was the band I should be focusing on. My sign came in the form of biker at another gig I was playing. I was waiting for my bands time slot next to a biker and who I hope for his sake was his old lady. They at least seemed to know each other. Watching the other bands play I kept thinking I wish it would be obvious to me where I should invest my effort and what project I should make sacrifices for. (Let me clarify, if you know someone who is in a band struggling to make it, their entire life revolves around investment and sacrifice.) Anyway, we are standing there, his "old lady" goes to the restroom and these are the only words he and I exchange:

Biker: Hey Doc. Me: Excuse me? Biker: Hey Doc. Me: What did you just call me? Biker: I said Hey Doc. Me: Why would you call me that? Biker: That's who you are.

Signs come from strange plaecs but I whole-heartedly believe in them. It's just who I am...

...with Hell Hung on Him.

"With Hell hung on him." That's how I feel. Like a warm sweater in the coldest snow, it keeps me warm. My armor as I go off into battle. The bed sheet I wrap around my lover. It's the cheap whore that clings to the cheap suit of the cheap bastard that got exactly what he paid for. It is the only uniform I own...Hell is hung on me.

DATES-The Day of Letting Go Sept. 13th

Some dates seem more important than other dates. There are Global Dates that people everywhere recognize (ie. December 25th, February 14th). Then there are some dates that are only significant to Americans. No one celebrates July 4th but us. Did you ever notice they don't ever mention Thanksgiving in any Harry Potter movie? Our friends across the pond have no reason to celebrate Thanksgiving or July 4th. Most poeple remember their mates birthday or the birth of their child or what day they were married on, but today I celebrate another ritual. THE DAY OF LETTING GO I'm sure most of us have something or someone we have had to to let go. Everything from a class that was ruining your school schedule to an abusive lover that was ruining your life. Just let go. An addiction that robbed you of your happiness or even the band that you really believed in at one time but was now stifling you creativity and desire to perform. Just let go. Someone once told me that love wasn't made up of the things you hold on to but of the things you let go. Just let go. Memories and guilt are the scars from the battles we have fought. Not from the mistakes that we have made but from the realization that we were making mistakes and that something had to change. So may I encourage whoever reads this post at whatever time in your life. It's not what you hold on to; it's what you let go.


I was thinking about where I was when I heard about the attack on the World Trade Center. I was working in a Bone Marrow Transplant unit at a major hospital, arguing with a nurse that she could not give a patient expired medication just because she did not read the expiration date the night before, no matter the cost of the drug.

I was scheduled to have rehearsal that night and as soon as the towers went down I received 5 telephone calls. The 4 other members of the band I was in and my wife. We agreed that to have rehearsal was the best thing we could do. There was no where else I would have wanted to be anyway. What does that say about marrying the right person, she agreed rehearsal was the best thing for all of us.

Rehearsal was very somber that evening. 2 of the guys in the band were still active reserves and 2 of us were still of fighting age. It never once occurred to me I may be called to defend the land I so believe in, I just wanted to play...

Going through my usual work day morning rituals, I realized that my life has changed drastically but at the core of everything there are a few constants.

I no longer work for a hospital, I get to help people make music. Huge Improvement

The band has long disbanded, but I know perform with the band that I have always dreamed of.

Still have the same wife, I love her more and more everyday. She was the right person then, she's still the one.

No more phone calls, if you need to reach me please text or email. Nothing anyone has to says seems important enough to call anymore.

And most importantly, I share my daily routine with my daughter, by far and away the best thing I have ever done, the inspiration behind my songs, and performances.