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Thursday 7/17/2014

Cultural Warfare will Not be able to play the show in Santa Rosa on 7/19/2014. Terry our beloved bassist got bit by a spider last week and was hospitalized until yesterday. Due to complications from this he is unable to travel at this time.. Cultural Warfare wants all of our fans to Please still go to the show and show your support for all the other great bands on this bill and to the Santa Rosa fans we are in hopes to be up there soon!!


Due to technial and logistical difficulties we will not be playing on Friday July 13th at the Oakland Metro. We apologize for the inconvenience. More information to come.Hails and Horns\m/

Studio Time

We are currently in the studio putting together our first demo. The tracking is complete and we are now moving into the mixing stage. Artwork is in the finalization process also and we are hoping to give you a preview within the next several days. These are exciting times in the CW camp and we are anxious to share our first demo. More to come soon! Hails and Horns\m/