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Intonation settings for guitar

Intonation settings. Fender: Tune the E right 440HZ, tune the guitar ! Push down at 12 fret it shal be the same. Use a electronic tuner It shal be in center. Both octave shal be the same. Open strings and push ed down at 12 fret. On the bridge is some longtudial screws. Turn them on for each string and you see it goes up or down on the tuner. Adjust E-A-D and so one. sme prosedure. Note! If you lover or higer the string hight. This shal be done together. Or if you shange to lighter or thicker strings. If you have ticker srting the bridge rises and the guitar can get our of intonation. So alwayes check this. So adjust the bridge hight before you do intonation. Not manny do this and can,t understand why the guitar is suddenly so out of tune. Gibson: Same prosedure on Gibson as fender !! But if you can,t adjust enough. When you do intonation. Turn does smal sadles under the string. So the edge on it turn the other way. Bottleneck: If you play bottlneck. You may need to set the string hight quite high. To avoide the catching in the fret. New pickup and intonation adjustment must be done. This things shal make you guitar sound greate and more joyfull to play on. Fender standard: 009-042 strings is a good benchmark for Fender. Nice flexebility but not to light. Gilmoure use 10-48 GHS Boomers. Gibson Standard : 010-42 Strings is a good guide. Gilmoure use 10.5-50 GHS Boomers.

Adjustments on Electric Guitars

Some great advice here. From my friend Rune. I hope it helps some of you!

Adjustment. Fender Strat : Pickup Hight Push Down 12 fret:

Bootom of string to pole topp. Treble side Neck and bridge. 2 mm Bass side Neck and bridge. 2.4 mm the middle you adjust whit a ruler on the topp of neck and bridge.

The back on the trem chal be 3.3 gap Adjust the spring under guitar to get the right hight. Do tjis first befor you adjust Pickups. When changing to ticker or thinner strings, this must be done over again Trem bridge and mic hights. On a floting tremmolo

On a Floyd rose system only the pickups.

Gibson or Humbucker pickups.

Hold Down 12 fret.

Neck pickup and bridge pickup Treble/tin string 1,6 m Neck pickup and Bridge Pickup Bass side/ tick string 2,4 m Messure from Bottom of the string to topp of pole on pickup.

Tip If you string get that ping sound when adjuting. use a school pencil on the topp bridge. The string glides more easy.

Ibanez Steve vai:

Neck pickup - 1.6 to 2.0 mm minimum clearance between the string and pickup when the string is depressed at fret 24 Middle pickup - 1.6 to 2.0 mm minimum clearance when fret 24 is depressed Bridge pickup: - 1.6 to 2.0 mm minimum clearance when fret 24 is depressed I had use 2.0 mm on bass side and 1.6 on treble side. Those Pickups have high out put. So to Close will be to much. Keep the volum nut not on full but Down 2-3 steps to get a clean Nice sound. The output is so high from this pickups.

Hope tis can help you get the sound you looking fore my friend.