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a "bully state"

Love…..the new crave’s CHILDISH VIEWS We now live in a “bully state“. Bullying is promoted & admired in our society except when on the receiving end. A tremendous amount of adults are bullies, which of course, teaches bullying to our children. In our society, a “hostile take-over” is viewed as strong business practice. TV shows display mean-spirited interactions & call it humor. “Mean girls” & “bad boys” are called entertainment. Supervisors intimidate workers. Even parents bully their own children thoughtlessly. Children see parents cut people off in traffic, or call them names etc. etc. People bully for several reasons. In one way or another people bully to cover other emotions. Inability to make friends, because they are bullied, because they have been isolated & other reasons. Often, simply because they were never taught to be nice or the value of kindness. . Showing LOVE often means telling that person how they make others feel & simply telling them no, I will not allow you to effect me. The one common theme among bullies is a desire for power. If it doesn’t effect you, their power is stripped. It is not enough however to just stop the bully, we must then teach “A BETTER WAY”. Teach empathy & compassion. . If you want to change a bully show them LOVE. LOVE is the cure for bullying.http://youtu.be/cBEi_6HPtx4

dignity for all workers

Love…..the new crave’s CHILDISH VIEWS A job, is a job, is a job! When did our society start this slow slide to job discrimination. These days, for some odd reason, a persons self-worth is wrapped up in the job title they obtain. Further, we are often slapped in the face with a non-livable wage because someone else has decided certain jobs aren’t worthy. While athletes & so-called celebrities are paid obscene amounts of money for something not actually NEEDED in our society. This is one of the main reasons our country is in chaos. So many say “get a degree” to solve your problems. Well clearly with the college debt crisis & unemployment of degreed persons, we have proof that a degree is not a “cure all”. Further, & more importantly why are hardworking people without a degree stigmatized? Recently, a well liked pundit was attempting to cut down a politician’s ego (perhaps an admirable attempt!) however, he did so by saying that politician wouldn’t even qualify for “assistant garbage truck driver”. What!? I’m sorry would you rather collect that garbage yourself, or perhaps let it fill the streets like some places in the world? I think your answer is no. Why then do people cut down some jobs & the people doing those jobs, as if the workers aren’t worthy humans.. It is very misguided. After all, everyone, with any job, is providing a much needed service to our community as a whole. Why then shouldn’t everyone receive dignity for working hard?


Love…..the new crave’s CHILDISH VIEWS… Hate, lies and deceit are the tools of greed and envy. Envy most often comes from greed for money, power and possessions. Greed is a mental disease that can rarely be cured. The greedy mind is twisted and uses it’s tools relentlessly and without discrimination to get what it wants. The mind sinks to dehumanizing ways. At CPAC yesterday, a man implied that Rachel Maddow should never have been born. Why I wondered, would one human say such a hateful thing? The answer is easy. Rachel represents truth, tolerance and honor…the partners of LOVE. In the greedy diseased mind, LOVE is the enemy of greed. This is everyone’s struggle: to succumb to the tools and path of greed for instant gratification of wealth, possession and power that only destroys in the end. Or to rise and partner with LOVE that will lead you down a joyous path of truth, equanimity and lasting peace. You must decide your own path.

being thankful....

being thankful... feels joyous! everyone one should experience it daily!

What if.....

What if..... you smiled at EVERY person you made eye contact with? How would you feel? Why don't you try it?

ever wonder....

Ever wonder why people selfishly & lazily leave grocery carts in the parking spaces for the wind to blow into your car & dent it? Maybe they need some LOVE!


LOVE makes you happy. LOVE makes you feel like Summer. LOVE solves youre troubles. LOVE is Tao.