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{♦My Thoughts♦}

Here I am right now

reflecting on what was

and how it truly made me feel

whats fake and whats real

who loves and who's ill

what to say in my heart

I will take

and leave behind

bad memories

along this ride

I will only seek

The truth and let go

of the pain

no more uselessness

plus it will

rotten up your brain.

SIX4  (over 2 years ago)

It's truth that in you/ you always knew from youth, be like spoof/ get loose on the juice/ but remember the truth that captured you loving in your 16 th yr youth/ you are my clue for all my heart that Yeshua grew/ for the love for life he gave me 2003 July twenty five/ for the ride of surprise for my Boo boo that I love forever even when I will soon D**/ no lie, I use to love you great & get high/ but solo I fly /wonderin' why my queen hides/ knowing our love glides/ with kindness/ that our love is like a bobwire fence/ no one can come in/ my beautiful friend/ your love & sexiness has no end/ I'm your best friend/ watch me grin/ when you & yo friends/ be with me with ends/ doing what we did with Juanna & friends/ this is about to end but my life was good my friend/ you should know that Six4/ is the real/ until/ 888 where Pookie & Dksee will not ever break/ stay one until Yeshua's WAKE! In Yeshua's holy name....Amen!!!!!


Dream you are here with me

in my fantasies

Always dayDreamin

Anywhere anytime

I am very pleased

see I have thee

I'll be hoping that you never leave

and if you do I maybe following

right behind and I will find

that wonderful Dream of mine

I LOVE and I cant hide

this Dream I have inside. . . :)