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Concert in Salinas, Sunday Jan 20 4pm

Exciting gig coming up!


How about some retro-style gospel blues...

We added a new song to our set list recently, "You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond". It's not widely known, but it really struck me when I first heard it. Recorded in 1929 by "Blind Willie Johnson", it's got a timeless message that we owe a debt we can never pay, and that we need Jesus Christ to cover that debt for us.

I like taking very old retro songs like this and rolling them into the 21st century. Unlike other more rocked-up songs, we take this old acoustic tune, with it's simple yet haunting lyrics, and render a modern electrified version, yet we've tried to retain the simple elegance that the original recording had.

I particularly like this line in the last verse, it reminds me of something from an old Baptist Hymnal...

"I came to Jesus as I was, wounded, worried, sad He's given me a resting place, and He has made me glad..."

Very simple and to-the-point. Yet powerful. At least for me it is.