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When the going gets tough, the tough get goin

We fight the fight until our energy runs low and our effort becomes effortless! its not a bad thing we tend to feel discouraged and look to the thought of giving up before we look to the thought of moving forward, We all are here for our own reasons. If something is placed in our path that causes frustration,discouragement,self doubt and exaustion than there is something to be learned on your behalf, its up to you to take what your going through and apply it to something you will use to avoid something else in the future. its a tricky way to put it but the purpose of this message is to show you that we all go through it, we all feel tired and want to give up, but we all are only givin things we can handle, its up to us to realize the meaning behind. with faith and time all bad things will be followed by good things!! " After every rainstorm comes a rainbow" Words of wisdom sincerly YH8 aka Andre' Primus

How to keep your Aim in full affect

remove all the distractions, let those around who seem to bring you down kick rocks.. they dont need to be apart of the move if they cant seem to encourage you! prioritize an make every day one filled with ideas an thoughts that relate to your aim. spend time each day working on your goal an keep yourself focused by disciplining your actions an not allowing yourself to back track, or fall off track. stay destined determined an devoted!! what you put in is what you get out! #Y.H8