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The Nation's Youth Pastor! "A CHANGE"

Raising awareness. Expanding consciousness. Dropping ten tons of wisdom with the express purpose of tackling reality head-on, no apologies, no excuses. When hip hop began in the late nineteen-seventies, these were its tenants, the foundation upon which a musical revolution was built the likes of which the world had never seen. The first generation of hip hop artists were poets and prophets, men and women who had faced up to real-world hardship and felt compelled to share their stories, to change minds, to inspire action, to open eyes. The music of Pastor Weston represents a return to that ideal, paying homage to the substance of hip hop's revolutionary roots and marrying that substance to innovative modern style and production. And all of this in the name of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Every bit as iconoclastic as his hip hop forefathers, Pastor Weston crafts tracks that burn with palpable passion, genuine flow, and sincere, unconditional praise. Psalm 98:4 commands us: “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD.” Leave it to Pastor Weston to show us how it's done. Raised in a single-parent home in Jacksonville, Florida, Pastor Weston is no stranger to the challenges faced by America's youth. Growing up, he witnessed desperation first hand. He watched as his peers were claimed by the careless evil of those apathetic streets, brilliant minds eroded and eventually erased by drugs, friends gunned down in the gutter before they ever had a chance to climb toward the stars, good people locked away in prison all because they never knew there was hope for them in the world beyond their neighborhood. Far from perpetuating the tragic cycle, these things inspired a sense of purpose in young Edward Weston. Just as Romans 8:28 tells us: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” Even the pain, the tragedy, the heartache that he had experienced could be shaped by God into something beautiful. At a young age, he devoted himself to making a positive, compassionate impact on the world. He had to show kids like him that the world didn't end at the end of their block, that Christ could shape their lives and give them access to worlds they never dreamed existed. Now, Pastor Weston is channeling his passions for music, Jesus Christ, and the salvation of young people into some of the most blazing, well-produced, and fiercely passionate hip hop tracks to ever come out of the Christian hip hop genre. Weston's razor-sharp rhymes aren't hokey, he doesn't play sensational games or employ scare-tactics to turn young people's lives around. These songs are crafted to reflect reality, to tackle real-world issues head on, face to face, songs that respect the listener's intelligence, songs that paint a picture of a recognizable world where stories of temptation and salvation play out every single day. Violence. Drugs. Sex. Self-harm. Pastor Weston addresses them all in his songs, flowing frankly, compassionately, and intelligently. On his face-melting new single, “A Change,” Pastor Weston sets it all out on the table for us: “This is not a song about deglorifying sin, bragging about my past and all the stupid stuff I did. Matter of fact, I wrote this track hoping that you would repent. Invite the savior in, let him clean up all your sin.”

“A Change” is a rallying cry, a mission statement writ large for everyone to see. While the production bounces and bumps through a musical landscape combining 21st century electro-hip hop, smokey latin guitar-work, and a blistering rock and roll rock and roll chorus, the effortless flow of the lyrics are designed to elevate, to congratulate, to show solidarity with those who are already walking a path with Christ, and to light up a sign on the horizon to raise the awareness of those who might need guidance and hope.