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October 28th 2014 via itunes!

My new single, The Whiskey Aint Working Anymore will be available tomorrow, October 28th 2014 via itunes! Buy it!

State of the Union - Misunderstood

I can't help but feel like I've been a little misunderstood lately from both a personal and artistic perspective. The artistic misunderstanding revolves around my record, The New Age Outlaw.

The record was intended to be a stripped down, raw, and honest representation of my songs. I intended to take a minimalist approach to the recording, ala Scott H. Biram and William Elliot Whitmore. If you haven't discovered those guys yet do yourself a favor and do it.

I wanted my songs and my voice to shine through and I feel they do. It's a good record, though some people have felt the need to bust my balls because when I perform live they "like it better." First of all, I'm not complaining. I will take any compliment I can get, but what bothers me is that those people basically crap on my recording when they do it. It's a concept record folks. It's intentionally meant to be stripped of any and all calling cards of what modern country sounds like. It's meant to be a man and his songs. Listen to it with a different perspective and then tell me what you think. It's more complex than some people have given it credit for being.

From a personal stand point, someone I admire recently called me "cocky." Sure, I can be cocky in a joking manner but I don't think I'm "cocky." Over opinionated at times? Hell yes. Confident? Absolutely. Determined? By all means. But I don't really think that makes me cocky. But for all I know it could be that I am indeed cocky and it's a personality flaw that I haven't come to terms with yet. Could be. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. With that said, if that's the impression I have given than I find that regrettable. I actually strive to be gracious and humble but there are times when my mouth prevents that quite a bit. I'm working on it.

Do I want to make Gruntry music a national phenomenon? I'd be lying if I said I didn't. Do I think I'm good enough to deserve that kind of recognition? Yes. I do. What I'm battling against is some people's perceptions that I'm a "hard sell" because not only am I playing country in a rock city, but I'm not even mainstream country. To that I will say that while I understand that concept, I also believe that great music is never a hard sell. Great songs are never a hard sell. Not all of my songs are great, but I'd say there are a few that are. Anyways, had to get that off of my chest.

At the end of the day what I feel I am guilty of is taking myself too seriously sometimes. The world ain't going to end if I don't get what I want. If I don't get the respect that I feel that I deserve from certain people. If I don't achieve my dreams. But knowing that isn't going to ever stop me from continuing to reach for that brass ring because I truly feel it's within my grasp. It's just time to start making believers out of those that can make it possible.

Much love and thank you for your support, Garrett aka NAO

New Interview!!!


Mental Itch Records

Check us out! www.mentalitchrecords.com

Here's What I'm Facing

So, I've got a record coming out on June 8th via Mental Itch Records. Check them out at www.mentalitchrecords.com Do you think corporate radio is going to play me? Hell no? Do you think indy radio is going to play me? Ain't happening yet, lol! I'm not "indy hipster." I don't fit in with corporate country and I am finding that I don't really fit indy either. I'm in the NW where indy rock is king, and while many are receptive to country music the competition for exposure to those folks is pretty fierce. Sound like I'm bitching? Well, I ain't. I'm just lining everything up in my path before I topple each one. I'm going to work harder, I'm going to play more shows, and I'm going to sell more records with the help of Seattle Rock Productions and Mental Itch Redords. I am going to continue to do what I do until pure momentum knocks down all of the doors I need knocked down. Fame? Nah, it's not a concern. Money? I've had it and I haven't. Not a priority. My goal is to cement my legacy in the NW as a great singer, songwriter, and performer. Would I shy away from greater success? Hell no! My parents didn't raise an idiot. What they did raise was one determined man who hasn't ever given up and never will. I don't have dreams anymore. Those are for kids. I have goals, and I'll be damned if anything or anyone other than myself will ever get in the way of me accomplishing them. I'm going to accomplish them my way because that's just how I've done almost everything in my life. Passion? Check. Determination? Check. Support? Check. Songs? Check. Let the ride begin.

Updated Upcoming Shows!

I am very excited to say that for the following dates I will be joined by Jarratt VanDyke on drums and John T. Phillips on guitar. April 20th - BZ's Sports Bar and Grill - Burien, WA May 4th - The Horeshoe Saloon - Woodinville, WA May 11th - The Central Saloon - Seattle, WA June 1st - Fuel Sports - Seattle, WA June 8th - CD Release - Louie G's - Fife, WA

Upcoming Shows!!!!

April 20th - BZ's Sports Bar and Grill Burien, WA w/ Rane Stone and JT Phillips and Dyslexic 33 8:00 pm - 21 and over May 4th - The Horseshoe Saloon Woodinville, WA w/ Uncle Doodad 8:00pm 21 and over May 11th - The Central Saloon Seattle, WA w/ Amanda Hardy, JT Phillips, and Kevin James Hoffman 21 and over 9:00pm June 8th Louie G's Garrett Whitney CD Release Show w/ Lady Justice, Rane Stone and JT Philips 8:00pm All Ages

The New Record

I think I've broken new ground in the alternative country genre with my new album. I was smart enough to align myself with a gifted producer who has added her own touch to the record, making it unlike anything I have heard before. Some people will love it, some people may scratch their heads, and others may hate it. One way or another it's going to get a reaction. I am extremely proud of it, it speaks to my influences and it doesn't follow any predisposed formulas. It contains great songs, great performances, and above all else it containes the love of passionate musicians and an incredible producer. I will announce the release date shortly......I am extremely excited to share The New Age Outlaw record with you all.

Mental Itch Records

I am very honored and excited to announce that I have signed with Mental Itch Records! http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=275000975966095&set=a.198538146945712.50836.198490790283781&type=1&theater

Jason Niemi
Jason Niemi  (almost 5 years ago)

Contrats man... I would love to do a show with you. Please keep me in mind if you need an opener.

Thank You

I cannot thank everyone enough for their support. Honestly, I am an extremely grateful man!