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SplitVisionAcoustic - Ready for bookings

SplitVisionAcoustic is now ready for Bookings. We play some tunes from the CD "What's The Matter With U?" / SplitVision & GreatGrandpa and some new songs. Now with a different setting. On Guitar Tanja Hedman and on Contra Bass Mats Sparr. Tanja Hedman and SplitVision started Playing together 1990 with Split Vision Band http://www.reverbnation.com/splitvision - Original Blues/Rock/Punk. She is an experienced and very skilled guitarist with a sensitive ear for music. Mats Sparr Played the drums in SplitVisionFamily and has a long experience on the music scene both on drums and bass. Now on his favorite instrument the Contra Bass. SplitVision's making the songs, lyrics and vocal. This band has a touch of Native/Balcan/Jazz - Altogether a new style. For bookings & Contact: SplitVisionGreatGrandpaFamily@gmail.com

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