New material

We are currently working on new material for our fourth album! Planning, writing, working our butts off…so much to be done. We are having a blast evolving, transforming, creating, moving between our past sound and our new sound, bridging the gap between genres, feelings, emotions, creative flow. We are working hard, and we can't wait to share our new work with you :)

patty  (over 3 years ago)

keep us posted !!


Our new album is out! Ten originals.... one written by David Beldock and two jazz standards. We will celebrate with a cd release concert January 28 @7:00.


So...we are so excited about our new album that will be coming out very soon...we don't have all the deets, but can't wait! I know you guys can't wait either :) The songs are extremely intimate, and really show who we are. We will keep all of you updated. If anyone has any hook-ups for shows, please let us know! NYC and west coast tour anyone???!!! We hope you all will support is buy purchasing our cd "I Can't Complain" and our new album once it comes out; you will not be disappointed :) PEACE! -TT