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Recording Your Music At Home On Your Own

It's hard to say what I may want to have back-and-forth discussions about but the best thing I can suggest is current methods for recording professional sounding tracks without paying loads of cash to a professional facility. In recording my first CD, Shy River I soon ran out of funds. Fortunately I had an iMac with enough processing speed and memory to support some decent recording applications. I got a used Focusrite pre amp on eBay $325, a $200 PreSonus Firebox interface, a $200 AKG Perception 200 condenser microphone, and a Shure SM 58 dynamic mic. Garage Band came with the iMac but I was lucky enough to get a learning edition of Cubase free with a Uno USB/MIDI cable that I purchased for $40. I was able to take Cubase files with me to the pro studio and the files uploaded successfully to the full version of Cubase there. I stuck to Cubase after starting my own studio since I find the interface a bit easier to use that GarageBand. Besides a few nice guitars, headphones and an Alesis MIDI keyboard I think thats all it really took to get some pretty slick recordings finished at home. The learning of all these tools and apps. might be something not everyone is ready for, but a little patience and faith got me through. Instead of beating myself up with frustration over not "getting it" I learned to "sleep on it." I often came up with solutions by remaining calm and confident that I'd figure things out.

Another thing I'd like to discuss in the future is choosing what music to play. Writing original music has been a real process for me. My father found success in taking traditional tunes, giving them life, and using all the best current styles. He was criticized for it but, as he said, "what if the critics were making the music? where would we be then? I will be sharing what I do to develop originals and what my father did to arrange his tunes.

Wade The Blade
Wade The Blade  (over 5 years ago)

Pluto sounds fuckin awesome, I was crankin that shit up...its a good sound... but there's no sky. variety of styles and sounds and even maybe even genres... should all be thrown together cohesively... Surprise everyone with a rap album, after the've heard 5 rock albums. Also original tunes, new melodies with new lyrics that stick in peoples heads and have them singing your song all day to themselves in their head is good too. I've written over fifty originals, only one good rap at the moment, we got the material for 5 to seven albums. I say, the quality of the first recordings isn't that important. Just get your best possible performance's down of your hit type of songs on your best possible sounding demo. (The song I got up here would not be one of my hit songs). Then get them out there, everywhere, go on tour with a high qualty demo to sell for like a dollar or two if any charge at all to any one who wants it, just charging to cover the price of buying the blank CDs. Get on the college radio stations first. And when everyone has heard or heard of you, you'll either have the money to start your own recording studio and record label or you would have 10 labels bidding with eachother for a record deal.