Themis Nakas / Blog

Moving to the UK

Recesion are no more. Themis is moving to the UK and he will continue to play music there, while the other three members of the band continue on their main musical projects. Thanks guys for everything!

New album release

'Heavy Mental' was released on April 27 2013. You can download it here : http://www.sendspace.com/file/ehhdv1

New guitarist

We are pleased to announce that Aris Papageorgiou is the new band guitarist!

Album presentation

The band joined by guest guitarist Aris Papageorgiou of Innosense, will be presenting the new album at Kaveh Kanes.

Album download

You can download the first album "In money we trust" for free here : http://www.sendspace.com/file/ascnpo

Second album sessions

Finished mixing the album. In about two weeks time it will be released. Stay tuned!

Drum recordings

Yiannis finished recording his drum parts for the new album. Dimitris is set to record the bass guitar.

Drums Recording

On Friday, Yiannis recorded 4 songs for the new album with a surprising one take performance!

Second album sessions

Out drummer Yiannis is set to record 4 tracks for the forthcoming second album.

New members in the band

Close to bringing 2 female vocalists in the band and a piano player as well. Keep in touch for the details. The Recesion family will soon expand!