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Seduced in the social super market?

Shoppers don't just purchase products - they buy personalities, attitudes, perhaps even a set of beliefs..

During a typical 30-minute shopping trip down the aisles of an Indian supermarket about 30,000 products vie for the attention of the customers. Ultimately, many will make shoppers believe they are worth a try. How? Packaging - the silent persuasive advertisement of the product in the mind of the customer, they are getting to know about the product everytime they log onto facebook or through advertising media.

Each box, packet, jar, stand-up pouch and squeeze bottle, each can, bag, tube and sprayer has been carefully designed to sneak speak to the inner selves of shoppers. Are they good parents, good providers?

Do they care about the environment? Do they appreciate the finer things in life? Wouldn't they really like something with chocolate?

Every detail has been carefully considered, reworked and tested in mock-ups on store shelves and on internet. Refinements are measuredin millimeters for the designers want potential customers to see far more than a container and label. They are buying a personality, an attitude perhaps even a set of beliefs.

A PIONEER in studying people's emotional response has another category of management study in psycology and marketing that has a great scope not probably in India, maybe if people change their mindset to go there for study. The look of the product has enormous impact on how biscuits taste or how soaps are perceived to clean or how this advertisement on social network make up the mind of a friend for the communication network they wish to use."Little things you do for me" advertisement of Vodafone make me feel the advertisement or "You and I in this beautiful world.." advertisement has made everyone's mind to buy that cute dog, listen to that music again and be on their network. or Take the advertisement of Limca- "Chalo na khwashiyon ke peeche peeche" has made the buyers to follow the product with the image of the boy looking for her girl for a nice meeting and he even didn't cared for the accident with a car turned out to be a chill! or Take the advertisement of Sony Ericson W8 -"I can't stop looking.." where the girl want her boy on a coffee and the cute android helped her finding him - that made me to buy the phone in an instant!! This is called "Sensation transference". So this is the job of a consultant who made McDonald, a clownish affair.

As Triangles and other pointy figures attract notice. And people that see triangles doesnot mean they like them. As people login onto their social network, they want to sometimes buy the products that lure them, instantly make their mind and get ready to purchase it, even if it's a cup of coffee at nearest outlet or McDonald's new burger (yummy (slurp slurp) may be!) or Sohan Lal's Chaat. Happy advertisement on social network has its own benefits of captivating the today's youth. There's no doubt that people have visceral responses to audio, video, colours and shapes but they also act on their inner-self to buy that product. I just love the cute face of Pringle's Uncle that I want him since I my childhood. Yes! logo of the product too matters a lot.

People know on some level, that the purchases they make will not fulfill their deepest wants.. "Buying things is a way of copying". We may know they are empty symbols, but we pursue these bright baubles because they satisfy us. And perhaps because, at still another level, we enjoy watching their gloriously written, mixed audio and videos.