New Album Review

“Heather Waters is no stranger to the music scene. With over a decade of touring and performing under her belt — gracing stages both modest and mammoth along the way — Heather and her band of intrepid performers have been through a hell of a lot, much of which shines through in her latest full-length offering, Castles & Towers. The soon to be released 9-track album doesn’t let up for a second as it roller-coasters through a variety of inspired tracks, both familiar and fresh to fans of Waters’ previous work. From the gypsy-esque harmonies and grooves of Diamonds to the recognisable melody — yet totally new-fangled arrangement — of fan-favourite, Pick Daisies, right down to the surprising and outlandish distorted drive of the rock anthem, This Ship’s Not Sinking, Heather and her band’s far-reaching assortment of influences — musical,cultural and biographical — are bold and unflinching, and work perfectly in conjuring an equal tally of powerful emotions ” - Nick Frost, Nick Frost (Nov 26, 2015)


“Ethereally captivating” Peter Romp, The Cape Times 2007

Heather Waters just oozes freshness. Her expressive nature puts you into that late 60’s trance that, if you let everything around you fade into the background and zoom backwards into that time-warp, where freedom-of-expression reigned supreme, -you’ll get an inkling of what her music is all about. This is particularly evident as her songs are almost acted out on stage as she has an incredibly unique approach in both sound and performance. A. Harper, MyMusicMatrix 2008

Heather’s attitude and love for song puts her right up there with many musical greats. It’s like there’s a secret to unlocking a song, and she knows the answer. Natali Shaked, Musician, 2008

Heather Waters is thought-provoking folk-pop at its best. With lyrics that make you want to listen, a unique vocal style and a stage persona that engages on a sincere yet playful level. A single performance will take the audience through a range of emotions, and leave a smile on your face. Mike Smith, Editor, Your LMG, 2010