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Soon to be offering Stick/Guitar lessons via Skype!!!

INSTRUCTION : (In person and video conference)

- LESSONS : I am now offering instruction in Chapman Stick and Guitar in person and via Skype and Google Video Chat. Lessons are specifically tailored to the individual needs and interests of the student first and foremost, thereby cultivating inspiration, aspiration and motivation, forsaking a "one-size-fits-all" approach as unrealistic, inefficient and uninspiring.

- 60 SECOND LESSONS : ( free lessons will be added regularly to my website MattTateMusic.com in the coming weeks )

- LOGISTICS : To start, all you'll need is a Skype or Gmail account, a high-speed internet connection and a web-cam, plus an amp in the room with you.

- INSTRUMENTS : Chapman Stick and Guitar, as well as most other "tapping/touch-style" instruments (ie. Warr Guitar, Austin Douglas guitars, etc...)

- TOPICS : Basic-Advanced technique, theory (it's easier than you think), proper warm-up/cool-down routines, how to practice effectively, "playing" as opposed to "practicing", learning songs (pop/rock/jazz/classical/surf/etc...), ear-training, "improvising" as opposed to "jamming", how to teach yourself, etc....

- RATES : Lessons are $30/hr and $20/half-hour. I prefer to teach 1/hr. lessons, as I find it most benefits the student in terms of warm-up time, number of topics addressed, and retention of information. Payment is due in advance via PayPal.

- SIGNING UP : Message me @ MattTateMusic@gmail.com, with the subject heading, "Lesson Inquiry". Also, please include your availability and time/day preference (if you have one) so that, depending on time-zone, we can more easily find a suitable slot for you.

- PAYMENT : PayPal ( will be available under "Instruction tab" @ MattTateMusic.com )