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and then

so i was sitting down miniding my own buisiness when out of know where i have to yawn but not your average yawn its more like the spine shattering hurt to much to even think about it. my head hurt thought my jaw might even crack i was making chubaka noises and everything . im not even joking it was the best yawn that i ever had

you now

got done with the yard had fun with that bumpnin some knight ryder from new album. trying to piece together a new song for mixtape. wonder if flynt is coming through to the studio today? soundclick.com has me on in the top twenty again


let me be the first to say that no matter the situation itll always get bad in the end. no matter what the or who it is caused by. nothing can be good enough for anyone. think about it . when could you honestly say that you had a good day that ended good


just got another chance to watch flynt hefner perform . he did a great job. im proud to see him rock the stage. good song. great quality. time flies when your having fun. eat doritos if you can in life and there is a transformer on the darkside of the monn. serious


just bumpn some new beats with flynt hef bout to watch hef rock the stage tonight live at the fresno fair. dont sleep on what happens next coming from Who's Who? Records


now that i have my head in the game im keeping focused but looising sleep at the same time it doesnt pay to be tired in life

bout to

bout to put the new song party people up on reverbnation.com/omarreneau you gotta love a good party song. everytime i want to get the crowd going i just pump this track featuring smashing guitars from Machine Achemist. Be sure to check out all the new music coming soon from Who's Who? Records

so i did it

wass chillijng at the crib then boom just like that the magic dragon kept me up and machine alchemist hit me up with an acoustic. i was not gonna pass that opportunity . so what did i do? i put the song together in about twenty minutes then posted it all over the internet. go figure .

the things that i do

when i was thinking of writing this i sat down and puffed the magic dragon for a little bit then all of a sudden a wonder women walken in. i never thought that it would turn out to be such a great night but hey things happen to all of us. while i got your attention i like to bring up a topiic that is challenging most kids today. obesity. dont know why but your kids are fat. thought i would say it.