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its that time. im gonna stick it to the man with my fist and keep you fans updated on al lthe new music and the great ringtones and be sure to buy your music here on reverbnation.com/omarreneau or on theomar.bandcamp.com


just put down a new song frmo tears of zoie album and now im ready to give it to the world. check out theomar.bandcamp.com for all your chances to get every song ever made by your favorite artist OMAR. keep posted for upcoming events and updates on new music


just saying that if you like my music you should come see me perform live that would be one the smarter choices that you could make when you are looking for something to do on november5 at 9pm.


what do you know. my music just got played on the radio in fresno, ca on the homegrown show on 94.9 b95. you could vote for my song under omar reneau on the following link..http://www.b95forlife.com/pages/homegrown2.html. check it out.


to my own suprise im surfing the wed bome to find out im still posted up in the charts on soundclick.com dam its something else great to have fans support


thought i would send some music out for all the great fans to click on. getting everything lined up for a great show on november 5


ya its not bad at all. got get the rest of the nights events outta the way so i can put on my own event. life rules when you do what you want. live it to the fullest that would be my best advice


so im just in the studio with flynt hefer and we are coming up with this new track./ stay tuned and keep ready foor all this to come. its gonnna be a hot winter

it smelt

im serious it smelt like pure dunk. but thats another story. im not even realizing it but ive been up sinc3 430 and thats a good thing.. got another track done for Tears of Zoie and been glad to release it to all you fans here soon. all the prep for the shows and albums has been a dream come true. its about time i get to do what i want. but it still smelt

dine in

thats my advice people. dine in. nothing is better than a home cooked meal . i mean yaa its fun to have a cold brew and watch the game but home cooked meals . have you ever thought that there might be something so delicisious that i might not want to ever try something else. o no i got the 'idis. now i gots to be progressive in my music.