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at this moment im very patient with these idiots that continue to disapprove of what im capable of doing in music....Here at Who's Who? Records we have to regretfully inform everyone that Machine Alchemist Studios is on the rise and that haters need not come around with there pitiful ways. Its bad enough I have to terrorize the county with my magical format of approach but now I must include another artist that will keep the turtles in their shells and the rest will just fade away. Machine Alchemist, its gonna be a great 2012 and I know that these people that are misinformed of my masterpiece to come. Prepare yourself for what is to come this next album.....

I AM #1

i dont care how you put it or how you try to be. when you follow your dreams you will not fail. i may be tough at times an it may be grueling but if you stay with it your bound to reach and accomplish wonderful things with your talents. i sure did. i am proud to say that i am now #1 on reverbnation.com


and since there is nothing but possibilities on this reverbnation i want to say thank to all those who take time to put me in the spin during the day. I have been placed in the charts and by the grace of god im still on the rise with this music. Thanks to all the fans that support since its becasue of you i do this music.


its been a great week for us here at Who's Who? Records and Machine Alchemist Studios. Music is really getting the momemtum we are looking for. Its gonna be a great 2012 with the music. Got nothing but hits in store for all you out there. Planning on ending some fake rap carreers while im at it. Lets just say the shit talking never ceases. Thanks to all the fans who have supporrted this movement. Its only the begininnig for all us her at Who's Who? Records and the entire staff at Machine Alchemist Studios.. Keep the music bumping


seems as though my head is just spinning. been busy been tired have spent the last couple weeks haveing a great time with familiy and friends and it just goes by so quick. time to get back into the beats . time for this nation to see


im all hyped up now ready for my show tomorrow night. now that there are facts about the show that some shouldnt know or have to worry about since, im here to make a statement that will shut up this little fake rap scene going on and put a flag into this ground and conquer my area of expertise.


its really cool to see the music stats rise from the fans that are being true to this who's who? records movement. its been a long road but with time we wil be in the hunt for the true glory. after the grammy well then its time again to start all over. keep bumpoing it


since my jaw is finally coming back to to good self again i can get back to talking shit on the mic. cause this is going to be a great season. got the show this weekend that everyone is going to love got an awesome set for everyone and then afterwards gonna keep upthe music on the ones and twos and then befor you know the night will be over and the season will begin to start hunting down clubs to conquer . lets begin with some freindly updats of what the fuck has been up while ive been sick.


if you ever get the chance to get surgery on your mouth. dont. you cant talk afterwards but hey things happen occasionally but i can say that i do got implants from the torture but the pain my face is haveing to endure sucks. so my best advice. brush. frequently. ill be fine for the show next week but boy does this suck. just thiought i would fill you in on how my skull is feeling


its like that sometimes but you gotta strive ahead. gotta put the mic down for the weekend since i got surgerory today go fig . life is life but until then enjoy the downloads