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Road Trip!

Vegas for a few nights, thrown out of the Venetian and now going to Hollywood for 3 days. Could it get better?

July - August

It's going to be a very busy 3 - 4 weeks this summer. Konceptus push, studios, shows, and Vegas. We leave NJ on July 25th and won't be home until August 14th. Yes, we are playing with Skid Row on the 15th @ Starland. Please buy from us - we appreciate it

Starland Thanks!

Can not thank you fans enough for coming out to the Starland Ballroom for our show. It's been a while since we've played Jersey and really were surprised how many people turned out to this show.

Thank you so much and we're looking forward to seeing you guys again, maybe in September when we return for another special show we're planning.

California here we come again!

Seems we are a hit! We have just completed negotiations with a few clubs for a return trip to Cali again. We'll be there at the end of July. For those who signed up with us the last west coast swing - the more we see you talk about us etc - the more swag we give away - WHICH WILL INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMIT IT TO FREE TICKETS TO SHOWS AND MERCH - Now get the word out

WPSC - on board!

We'd like to thank WPSC - William Paterson for adding us to the rotation and stocking their vault with the first 3 CD's. Can not express our gratitude enough - Hail Jesse Kurtz!

New stock on its way - no fears!

Thanks to all who have bought all our CD's at Vintage Vinyl & Jack's. Sold out! So awesome - New stock will be there by Friday afternoon. Music still available online.

New Carriers in the Lyken21 empire

Amoeba records - has agreed to and is now carrying physical copies of the Lyken21 catalog in all it's locations. Hail Brick&Mortar!

Europe Rumours

We can confirm that Lyken21 is planning a European swing in the near future. Right now we're looking at only a couple of weeks. Detail will follow.

Robex Lundgren Interview

Swedish interviewer Robex Lundgren interviews Lyken21's singer Marton Miklos.


NAMM and LA shows

Just got back from LA 2 shows plus NAMM What more can a you ask for? Had a great time with good friends and rocked the sunset strip for 2 nights in a row.