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Celebrating Western Australian Music

There's definitely something special in the water here ...

From the 1960's to the present day, Perth and other areas within Western Australia have been host to the launching of some of the most distinguished (and often world-beating) musical acts and careers ever.

For those of you around the world reading this that may be unaware, there is no denying the high-level of talent that was (and continues to be) borne out of my Home State.

This list of past and present artists makes me very proud to be a West Aussie :

Bon Scott (AC/DC, The Valentines, Fraternity); INXS; Baby Animals; John Butler Trio; Pendulum; Karnivool; Eskimo Joe; Tame Impala; Birds of Tokyo; Dave Faulkner (Hoodoo Gurus); The Scientists; The Triffids; Jebediah; Dave Hole; The Dugites; End of Fashion; Eurogliders; Gyroscope; Katy Steele (Little Birdy); Diesel; The Kill Devil Hills; The Panics; Storytime; Tim Rogers (You Am I); The Waifs; The Surrealists; ; Luke Steele (Empire of the Sun); The Stems; The Chevelles; Rick Steele; Trilogy; Dave Warner from the Suburbs; Steve Tallis; Errol H. Tout; San Cisco; The Sleepy Jackson ..... and the list goes on.

West Australian Music ROCKS !!!!! avidD :)


Headphones Headphones Headphones !! ;)


New track "Chakra" uploaded to my profile, which features a live collaboration with PSYCHOHECTIC. Music conjured and performed by the following personnel: MiKel (synths); EmTee (guitar); DeeTee (bass); avidD (drums/ production).